Best Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT Review 2021

Corsair K55 RGB

So look at the K55 RGP pro XT keyboard from corsair as you may have noticed they have had some new releases recently on this is 1 of them this k55 comes in at 74.99 so let's dive in to see what the K55 RGB pro xt has to offer.

Design Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT

 So first impressions out of the box are that this feels like a budget keyboard on the aesthetics  of it also fits that description too there was a lot of plastic here albeit that there is some glossy plastic along the top and the body is stippled effect plastic, so there is some sort of variation in texture the keys are ABS which is nice when they are fresh, but when they degrade and quite quickly so if a time they can get quite shiny it is good though to see that there are some media keys.

Along the top, these are again plastic and a little spongy feeling, but I don't think this is overly important as they all just media keys. There are also 3 keys next to these, and from left to right off macro recording tape brightness windows lock underneath we have the same stippled effect that runs across the whole board and then you have to flip out feet that sadly is not any of rubble on the base of the feet themselves and to be honest the non-slip pads are pretty small.

Dimension and Cable

You can see that it does move around on the desk a lot more than my own keyboard the razer quartz huntsman, for instance, talking of my keyboard in comparison to the K55, is kind of dwarfed the Corsair K55 pro XT is full 81 by 167 by 36 millimeters in total is pretty big, but it's surprisingly not an overall very heavy at 0.94 kilograms which are again surprising, but this could be down to the amount of plastic that is used.

The cable is a rubber-coated cable, and this is great for preventing caption on the desk, but it also is a nightmare for kinking and the kinks never really seem to come out. There's always some sort of shape left behind even after pulling them out.

Detachable Wrist Rest

The cable ends in the USB-A, and as you can see, the cable is non-detachable, moving on to the detachable wrist rest even though it does have a rubber finish, it still kind of feels very plasticky, and to be honest, it isn't very comfortable it’s better for full height and angle, but that's really about it is pretty hard I would say that having my hands on the my underneath my board is more comfortable than the wrist rest, but that's just my preference.

Flex and Per Key RGB

The wrist rest is also pretty flexible, and the build quality on the keyboard itself also has quite a significant amount of flex too. The one thing that is really nice about this keyboard, though, is the perky RGB. It's really bright and vibrant. You can see an almost seamless lie underneath the keys on the front shows those lovely colors through even in broad daylight.

So overall, the static is pretty much very plasticky, and unfortunately, it does feel a little bit budget which with the price is 74.99, it might be redeemable if the specs and features out up, so let's carry on and look at some features.

Feature Corsair K55 RGB

The first feature I would   like to touch on is there is an IP rating, and it is ip42 which is as corsair claims Dust and spill-resistant; however, this is a very limited protection, and it only protects against objects that are one millimeter or bigger and water spray less than 15 degrees from vertical. Hence, a spill from glass is not really that protected, depending on how much you drop on it.

Anti-Ghosting Corsair K55 RGB

I guess it's better than nothing, but you'd really need an IP54 or IP55 rating to be properly water and dust resistant. We expect most items to have an anti-ghost in an N-Key rollover at first a minimum nowadays, I think, but the Corsair K55 has anti-ghosting and selective 12 key rollovers. So instead of the full N-key rollover cool, Corsair says this still means the FPS and mobile game input so always registered even with simultaneous presses.

So I thought I would test this out using a key software to see how many keypresses awesome simultaneously registered and on what key this applies to. This was extremely hard to articulate trying to press 12 buttons at once, but it was some finger twister and help from someone else. I did manage to do it, and you can see the all these buttons can be pressed at the same time with no issues whatsoever; however, if you have a QWER and TF, press and try to press another button. Some register, and some do not. I was trying to press the PO, and I and you hear too but only CHB and M etc. for showed up. I suppose whether you notice this versus N-key rollover is really going to depend on your playstyle and what keys you frequently press simultaneously.

Rubber Dome Membrane Key

I can next to the switches all rubber dome membrane key. I can feel a load of you turning off right now because this is like, you know, okay, you might not like it but let's give it a chance here. The rubber dome has quite a noticeable tactile bump, and they all super silence, so perfect for those up till silly o'clock video games, for instance, may include.

I did feel that the keys are slightly wider spaced or maybe have slightly different placement I did find out was mistyping initially, and I couldn't just jump straight on and touch type another feature of the keyboard is those G-keys the along the side of the board or macro keys maybe you could call them. Although you have the FN-Key combinations, you also have these buttons that you can set up through IQ software or you can use them to streaming commands through the Elgato stream deck software. So this is a little perk, especially if you're trying to save money for other streaming equipment. You may not have to buy a separate stream deck.

Hardware and Software Mode

This keyboard can run in hardware mode or in software mode, meaning it can run with and without software. You can control lighting effects and also record macros directly onto the onboard memory to record a macro. You hold the M-key and press the keys to record press the M. key again, press G1 to G6 depending on what Key you want to save it.

Or you can hold the M key to cancel. You can also play a recording by holding and then pressing M-key again. The G1 to G6 Key to clear that Key this leads me nicely onto so flat so make sure you have the most up to date software of course, and here you can see the key assignments tab this is where you can assign whatever action you want to each individual button.

Software Configuration

Next, we have lighting effects which you can change if you click the plus button. This is for when the software is active. If you click the hardware lighting tab, you can assign the effects for when no software is active or if it's unavailable for whatever reason performance tab lets you disable keys for when the windows lock is on, and lastly is device settings here you can check for updates change RGB brightness language and polling rate.

If you install IQ and stream deck software from Elgato in the top left of the stream deck software, it should say corsair g keys. If not, click the drop-down, and you can select the G keys. On the left side, there is a little pop-out window that shows your settings, and you can disable this if you wish by clicking the axe.  In the main window, you will see the 6g keys available on the right is everything you can control via these G keys, including the Elgato game capture if you have an Elgato capture card OBS studio ext.

For example, we will control all PC which you access via the system by dragging 1 of the actions to the key that you want. For instance, on a website, you can type the URL and title for easy access. You can see the other actions that you can assign by clicking the more actions, and here, you can search and download other applications to control.

Gaming Corsair K55 RGB

After all, that information that's talk about gaming, so gaming wise I found the bump of these rubber domes a little bit drastic, and it did make me sometimes miss a beat. I was impressed, and it hard enough to engage it sometimes as well, so especially under pressure, I was missing keys.

It's okay to type him, but I would say not so much for gaming. In my opinion, you might get used to it, though, over time, but during my time with the Corsair K55 RGB XT, I didn't really gel with it. There was some positive though no lag or anything negative like that, so nothing really to complain about as such but as I mentioned, I did fill the I was kind of disorientated, but the key placement for some reason on those pumps or little bit intense for me.

Compare With K60 RGB Pro

I thought I would do a quick comparison finally before I do a round-up to the K60 RGB Pro by corsair. When looking at the K60 pro, you can see that there is much more rigidity because of the aluminum plate, and obviously, the keys on the K60 pro all cherry viola mechanical switches, so in my opinion, they sound and feel a lot better.

Here is the sound test for you with them both The only thing that the K60 pro doesn't have is those G keys on the dedicated media keys, but you do get full N key rollover and 100 percent anti-ghosting also, the K60 RGB pro is about only 10 pounds more on Amazon at the moment at the time of this review 84.98.


In conclusion, I would say that the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT keyboard is a bit of a letdown for me personally. The keys being membrane have a very specific feel to them, and I think you either love them or you hate them. I'm not personally a fan other than the fact that that really quiet that's quite cool.

The keyboard is also pretty chunky, on the build quality is an amazing. The key thing really is that 75 pounds, there were plenty of quality mechanical keyboards around at the same price as we mentioned earlier with the K60 RGB pro. But also, things like the Logitech G413 are even cheaper than this keyboard, with plenty of other options if you want a budget mechanical keyboard.

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