Which One Is Better? – Aorus 15P vs Aorus 15G Gaming Laptop Comparison

aorus 15p vs aorus 15g

Aorus 15P vs Aorus 15G Recently I reviewed these two laptops from gigabytes, so the Aorus 15p and the Aorus 15G and as you can see right here is actually very similar to each other, and they have the exact same designed to have the same CPU same amount of ram they have the same display, but the 15G right here comes with RTX 3080 while the 15Pp comes with an RTX 3070 graphics card and

When you put them side by side like this, it might be very difficult to choose which 1 to go for because they are both objectively very good laptops. So in this guide, I'm going to go over some of the differences between these two machines, and most importantly, today, I'm going to talk about which 1 of these two laptops makes more sense to buy.

Overview & Specs Aorus 15P vs Aorus 15G

Let's start with a quick summary of the two models know. Both come with an eight-core Intel core i710 878 and 32 gigabytes of memory, and a 240Hz 1080p IPS has display. The 15p comes with a 512 gigabyte SSD, and RTX 3070 does go up to 130 watts that. This configuration will cost around 1900 euros with taxes here in the Netherlands or roughly $1700 X taxes in the US.

The Aorus 15G, however, comes the one terabyte SSD and RTX 3080 GPU that goes up to 105 watts, and for this 1, you will have to set aside around 2300 euros with taxes here in the Netherlands orbits over $2000 X. taxes in the US. Let's say there is roughly $300 to $400 difference between them which is a lot of money no. Obviously, both laptops will come to the market in a variety of configurations that will depend on the region, so keep that in mind when making your choice. 

The Aorus 15G is made to be thinner, coming in at only 23 millimeters for the 15 peak is a bit thicker coming into 27 millimeters now in my opinion, the 4 millimeters between them is not significant to begin with and considering the fact that the Aorus 15p is mostly thicker in the back not all over it will be pretty hard to even notice a difference in size between the two now there is also a slight difference in weight the 15G weighs 2 kilograms while the 15p is 200 grams heavier.

Now again, you might or might not feel the slight difference if you hold both at the same time, but those 200 grams don't really change the portability of either of them if it wasn't for the extra line of insulation in the back of the 15p I would probably have to look at the sticker to know which 1 I'm holding so I would say that the sizes are pretty similar and it's not really worth paying a lot more for 200 grams and 4 millimeters less.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to design and build quality, both of them are completely the same, and the same goes for the connections and the lack of some again both of these laptops are missing a thunderbolt connection and a fast 10 gigabits USB port which I would really like to see on a laptop in this price class.

Are the keyboards and touchpads are identical as well and to be honest, I'm not going to go too much into all of the details today because I just want to focus on what's different between these two, so if you want to find out a bit more about either of these gaming laptops, please go and check their original reviews that go a bit more in-depth I believe all the links in the below down below. 

 So please do check them out now. The biggest difference between the two and the one that actually matters the most is the graphics card, so the Aorus 15G is taking the same approach as most competing gaming laptops that are trying to be thinner but using a lower power GPU and the slightly thicker Aorus 15p only goes up to an RTX 3070 but uses a higher power on.

130W RTX 3070 vs 105W RTX 3080 Comparison

So the RTX 3070 goes up 230 watts well the RTX 3080 only boosts up to 105 watts, which means well the more expensive Aorus 15G has the advantage of having more cores, the higher power limits of the 15p means that the clock speeds will end up a lot higher but let's see how all this translates to games now some games work better with more cores while other games work better with higher clock speeds but in most of the titles that I've tested we see that the extra power of the RTX 3070 really pays off on average the cheaper Aorus 15p with an RTX 3070 is outperforming the more expensive Aorus 15G with an RTX 3080 by a small margin.

Now, this doesn't mean that the Aorus 15G is bad. I think it's actually impressive how well the RTX 3080 performance overall, and when compared to other laptops I've tested so far, it is actually doing extremely well but is a gamer. You mostly care about all the extra frames that you can get, and in most games, the aorus 15p is just faster, and then when you combine all these results with the fact that for higher FPS, you have to pay 3 to $400 less, it is just clear that the Aorus 15P with an RTX 3070 is the obvious winner here.

Thermal Comparison Aorus 15P vs Aorus 15G

And if you thought that a lot more power would cause a lot more noise and a lot more heat, you would be wrong because both models actually show pretty similar thermals and pretty similar noise levels as well. The GPU does get slightly warmer on the aorus 15p. However, it is still within comfortable margins, so in my opinion, they're just pretty equal.

Intel Core i7-10870H CPU Performance Comparison

There were a couple of other performance differences I found between the two that I want to talk about at the Aorus 15G generally seem to offer a tiny bit better CPU performance out of the exact same CPU I'm not sure if this is due to a simple unintentional silicon lottery or the internal design paired with an RTX 3080 a slightly more favorable but either way the differences is still too small to really consider it and the same goes for the display.

240Hz 1080p IPS Panel Performance Comparison

Now both laptops used the exact same 240Hz IPS panel from sharp, but the Aorus 50G did perform a little bit better overall but slightly better gamut contrast and brightness not again I'm not sure if this is just sample variants or they're using better bent panels on purpose for the more expensive model, but again these differences are so small, and you will not even notice them if you put both laptops side by side so it is not something you should worry about and it's definitely not something that you should take into serious consideration.

Battery Life Aorus 15P vs Aorus 15G

The Aorus 15G also had a slight edge in battery life a lasting about half an hour longer in the Netflix test and about 20 minutes longer in PC mark eight, and that is enough to call it an actual difference, but since neither will allow you to work all day without a charger I just struggle to really see the added value of the Aorus 15G, but the larger SSD. of the Aorus 15G is definitely something that does add value,

So Aorus 15p only comes with a 512 gigabyte SSD which is very little when you consider the amount of space you need for all the games, and then one terabyte SSD on the Aorus 15G will definitely give you a bit more flexibility. Now thankfully, both of these laptops are very easy to open, and you can replace or add another M.2 SSD, so it will take about 10 minutes and $100 to expand either of them with another terabyte or more, and that pretty much covers everything here.


Now when it comes to gaming performance, the Aorus 15P is the clear winner, and Aorus 15G was actually noticeably thinner and lighter, or if they had a really significantly longer battery life, I would say that it would make sense for people that do the value portability and that do spend a lot of time on the go however 200 grams and 4 millimeters less are pretty hard to notice, and I personally cannot justify spending 300 to 400 euros or dollars more for that luxury no it does have a larger SSD,

but even if you spend a bit to add an extra SSD to Aorus 15P, you will still save a lot of money, so I know that I'm being super harsh here because the Aorus 15G is still a very good gaming laptop when you compared to the rest of the laptops on the market, but in my personal opinion the Aorus 15p just offers more FPS and more value, and it is the obvious choice between the two.

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