Best ASUS Scar 15 Ryzen – Really 13 Games Tested 2021 ?

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I've tested the new Ryzen based Asus Scar 15 gaming laptop in 13 games at all setting levels to show you how it performs, and I've also competitive against a bunch of other gaming laptops so you can see what the differences are. These are the specs of my Asus Scar 15, so I've got 1 of the higher-spec options with 16 gig RTX 3080 graphics and Ryzen 9 5900HX processor mine has a 300-hertz 1080p screen; however, there's also a 165 hertz at 1440p option too, and we'll check out response times after the game benchmarks.

Laptop Specification

Nvidia lists the power limit of the RTX 3080 mobile as 80 to 150+ watts, and Asus specify the RTX 3080 in the Asus Scar 15 is running up to 130 watts now in a GPU. The only workload I did find that one would run up to 130, but with the CPU also active would run 115 due to the way dynamic boost works.  Unfortunately, the Asus Scar 15 does not have a MUX switch, so we're stuck with Optimus. There's also no G-sync, but it does have very sizeable BAR support.

Overclock ASUS Scar 15

The Asus Armory Create software lets you modify performance modes. I've done all testing in manual mode with the fan set to the maximum speed and the power limits sliders set to max, and by default, this does apply an overclock to the GPU. Now it is possible to flush a custom VBIOS to this laptop and get improved gaming performance.

 I would be doing that in this guide as this is a borrowed review unit, and there are risks involved with it, so I'm just testing its stock here but if you do want to see what custom V-BIOS can do on this laptop, then check out this guide by Tech Guru Website.

Testing Performed

So with that in mind, let's start out by seeing how the Asus Scar 15 will performs in 13 games at 1080p all setting levels. Then afterward, we'll see how the Asus Scar 15 compares against other gaming laptops. I'll check out screen response time, and we'll also see what sort of a performance boost we can get by connecting an external monitor and make sure that you are visit the website for the latest update and also the upcoming full review of this laptop, which will cover everything else like the thermals and more.

Call of Duty ASUS Scar 15

Call of duty warzone was tested with the all settings a minimum or maximum as it doesn't have predefined setting presets with the specs even max settings were running perfectly fine and still well above 100FPS minimum settings 1 offering that much of a performance boost here just a 14 percent improvement to average FPS cyberpunk 2077 was tested in little China with the street kid life path.

The highest rate tracing ultra-preset was just below 60 FPS with DLSS set to quality, so definitely still usable even with these high levels, likely thanks to the RTX 3080 graphics, though, of course, low settings are able to further increase performance.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red dead redemption 2 was tested with the game's benchmark. There was basically no difference between lower and high settings, at least a 1080p. I suspect the difference would be greater at a higher resolution like 1440p, honestly, and this looks more like a bottleneck regardless of 80 FPS at ultra-settings in. This test is a great result.

Assassin's Creed 

Assassin's creed Valhalla was tested with the game's benchmark again above 60 FPS at Max settings was achieved here, which is a good result for this test as it's generally pretty resource-heavy. AKA unoptimized, whichever you prefer, the outcome is the same. The above 100 FPS was still possible with the lowest settings.

Speaking of resource-heavy, we're only just above 30 FPS with maxed settings, even with the high-end specs in my machine. Even lowest settings couldn't reach 60 FPS here, but to be fair, you don't need a super-high frame rate for this game.

Watch Dog Legion Asus Scar 15

Watchdog legion was tested with the game's benchmark. This is another where I don't think you need a super-high frame rate, and scoring above 60 FPS on this test at ultra-settings is a decent result. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode. This is an old game now compared to the previous titles covered, which is probably why the frame rate so much higher compared to the other titles tested earlier ultra-settings were well above 100 FPS, and it's running no problem.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the tomb raider was tested with the game's benchmark tool again, still above a 100 FPS maxed out, but as you'll see soon when we compare with other laptops, this isn't actually that great for the RTX 3080.

Fortnite was tested with the replay feature. This is more than an esports test, so it's not too surprising that we're getting much higher frame rates here. Low settings would be the best match for the 300Hz screen in my unit, but I did expect higher frame rates with a MUX Switch, so again a bit sad that there's no option to disable an Optimus here.

CSGO Asus Scar 15 Ryzen

CSGO is another Esports title, and this 1, in particular, is 1. I found to see big gains with Optimus disabled so there is absolutely performance being left behind regardless even Max settings are reaching average FPS higher than the screens refresh rate in this test.

Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow 6 siege also hits fairly high frame rates without issue. Low settings were close to the screen to refresh rate, but that's not too much of a drop-off at higher settings; ultra-settings is still performing extremely well.

Witcher 3 Asus Scar 15

The Witcher 3 is an older game that I still test so that you can compare it with my older guides again. No problems running maxed-out ultra-settings though there's a reasonably big boost to both average FPS and 1 percent lower simply by stepping down one is setting preset too high.

Asus Scar 15 Compare To Other Laptop

The result isn't bad or anything. I mean, it's only just slightly the desktop replacement Alienware 51m. Still, I was expecting better from the 16 gigs RTX 3080 graphics here. The low wattage 3070 in the Aero 15 is doing better, so what does have an Intel process and I did recently sure that Intel is by means out of the CPU gaming race just yet. The XMG Neo 15 this Ryzen based but with RTX 3070 graphics, and I suspect it's much further ahead because that 1 has a MUX switch and lets you disable Optimus.

Shadow of the tomb raider was tested with the game's benchmark tool with the highest setting preset, and the Asus Scar 15 drops down a couple of positions now relative to the same selection of laptops it's just a little ahead of the thinner Asus Zephyrus G15 just below it which also has RTX 30 any graphics. For half VRAM and with a lower power limit.

RTX 3080 Overlook For 1080P

I'll take a look at how we can boost performance here with an external monitor shortly. Far cry 5 was also tested with the game's benchmark tool at Max settings. This Asus Scar 15 was lower this time around. This test tends to be more CPU-dependent, and I was expecting more from the 5900HX. That wasn't the case here. The results don't really make sense to me either, given the 5900HS with lower power, RTX 3080 in the Zephyrus G15 was performing better here.

Though, to be fair, the Zephyrus G15 does have a higher CPU power limits. I'll check that out on the Asus Scar 15 in the upcoming complete guide. Look at the end of the day, and I think RTX 3080 graphics paired with the 1080p screen or a bit overkill unless you're seriously sports, that even if you were serious Esports players, you'd be better served by a laptop that has a MUX Switch as this will boost gaming performance for 1080p I think the RTX 3060 maybe 3070 might be a better option.

If I had the 165HZ 1440p screen, though, then the RTX 3080 might be a bit more useful. Attaching an external monitor to the type-C port can boost gaming performance as it bypasses Optimus and connects straight to the discrete GPU. This is the level of performance that we could be getting if the Asus Scar 15 had a Mux Switch, so a 12.5 percent boost per average FPS in this game.

Screen Response Time

I will cover thermals and everything else in the upcoming full reviews. So make sure you visit our site. Let's take a look at screen response time. The Asus Armory Crate software gives you the option to enable or disable panel overdrive which affects screen response time overdrive is enabled by default, and I measured the average grade agree response time at about 3.8 milliseconds. That's a link down in the below.

If you need an explanation on what all these numbers mean with overdrive instead disabled, we are looking at around the 6.7 millisecond response time now; however, there was no overshoot undershoot, both of which were present with overdrive enabled. When we look at how it compares against others, it's 1 of the better results that I've tested so far where after 3.33 millisecond response time for all transitions to occur within the refresh window for 300 panels, So we're not under this on average pretty much everything else about this gaming. A laptop will be covered in the full review, so make sure you will visit our site on a daily basis.

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