Best Eluktronics MAG-15 Ultra Light Gaming Laptop 15.6” Review 2021

Eluktronics MAG-15

Today I'm going to talk about this new laptop right here, eluktronics mag 15 and even though this is a brand new laptop from a brand new manufacture, it looks very, very familiar because it uses the same Tong Fang OEM design as few other laptops on the market do so some of the more popular ones would be the eluktronics mag 15 aftershock vapor or XMG fusion 15 but I'm sure there are quite a few others that look exactly the same and this particular product I would say it's not so terribly exciting if you're outside of the EU and can already find Eluktronics MAG-15 with an excellent price tag or you know whatever model with the same OEM is popular in your region.

But if you are in the EU, this dbrand mag 15 will be a pretty great deal for anyone looking for a gaming laptop on the budget. Now keep in mind these Tong Fang laptops were available in the EU before, but they were usually priced pretty high compared to similarly spec'd models from other brands. At the same time, these Azerty Luma will focus heavily on the price, and they will be sold through Amazon, making them easily available across the whole of Europe.

This particular model comes with an Intel Core i7 9750H a gtx 1660 ti Max Q. 16 gigs of ram 500 gig SSD and 144Hz full HD display and all that should cost you 1200 euros which is a lot better than 1500 plus the XMG asks for the same configuration but because there's this thing called Black Friday that is this week they decided to sell it for only 999 euro which is a fantastic price for gtx 1660 ti laptop of this quality.

So I don't think there's a cheaper option out there at the moment I don't know how long this price will last, but you know, keep an eye on that. Still, the beauty of using a well-known OEM is that even if you're not in the EU, this review is good for all models out there that shared this same design, so don't go anywhere and people watching.

Design / Material / Build Quality

One thing I absolutely love about this laptop is its design and a lack of pretty much anything on it. I'm sure it saves the money not to have their own logo stamped on the lid, but I love this pure minimalism of this laptop. It is sleek and stealthy, and it kind of reminds me of a razor blade, but then you know without as many fingerprints, it is not large. It is very light, and it looks quite neutral, so you can easily drag it to work or to school, and no one would guess that this laptop is primarily meant for gaming.

At first, I thought that the chassis was actually made of plastic because it wasn't cold to the touch, and it's like that shine and feel of steel. Still, it is actually quite sturdy, so I check the specs, and I found out that it's not plastic but actually magnesium alloy that is much lighter than metal but very sturdy and with a very nice texture that is not too sensitive to fingerprints which is you know very important to me at least. But this whole machine is actually really well built. There is barely any flex in the chassis. I'm not on the outside nor while typing, and on the bottom, you can see there's a lot of insulation going on, and it's also kind of standing on these long rubber legs to have some air flowing under its which really helps to keep this compact and light machine cool.

Connection Charger Eluktronics Mag 15

But I'll talk about the performance a bit later now you get a pretty good set of connections. You get 2USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader on the right side, and a fast USB 3.2 gen 2 port and audio connections on the left side. On the back, there's a charger gigabit lan HDMI out and a type-C thunderbolt port. Personally, I'm a huge fan of having all these big connections on the back of the laptop instead of having them, you know, in your view or even worse in your way, so in my book, they get a bunch of extra points for that.

I am going to deduct a few points because of the size of the power adapter it comes with because considering the fact that this is one of the lightest gaming laptops that you can currently get, the size and the weight of this charger is pretty ridiculous and I kind of wish they opted for a more compact one to fit to the product better.

Keyboard Touchpad Eluktronics Mag 15

You can easily open it with one hand, and that brings you to a very lovely and very sleek inside, and the keyboard is actually a low-profile mechanical keyboard which I really love. It is not too heavy, but it has a very nice clicky feeling to it which I prefer so much more over the usual than laptop keyboards. There is a little bit of wobble in the keys, so I would say it's not a 100 percent perfect experience, but it is a much nicer than I usually find the laptops and then even in the more expensive ones out there.

Now, of course, if you like RGB keyboard is RGB backlit, and there is a line on the front edge that lights up as well. You can control both of these via the software, and I have to say the RGB is done pretty nicely. It is bright enough, and it is pretty consistent across all keys. Unfortunately, the touchpad isn't nearly as good as the keyboard. It has a glass surface, so it feels pretty smooth when you move your finger around it, but there is a slow, annoying ticking sound whenever you even lightly touch it. The palm rejection is working well at all.

It also has this abnormal click on the top part to that doesn't really register as a click. So you can end up with its responding when you don't want it to and then not working half the time you actually do want to click it, so can you really need to make sure that you click in the bottom part, not to you know slightly above even though it feels and sounds like a proper click.

Display Performance Eluktronics Mag 15

You can disable it by tapping the top left corner and then use a normal mouse instead. When you decide to buy it cheaper gaming laptop like this one, you usually have to settle for a pretty disappointing display. I'm actually happy to say that this is not the case here. It's a 1080p and the 144Hz IPS display that is just really pleasant overall.

It offers a pretty decent color performance and that you could use for some simple photo or video editing SRGB color gamut is around 85 percent which you know isn't perfect but far better than most laptops out there. The colors out of the box are calibrated reasonably well, and the contrast is pretty good too.

Again it is not completely perfect, but it is ahead of most gaming laptops I tested so far, and I would say it's fast as well. It feels pretty close to your typical 144Hz desktop monitor. The panel is packed at four milliseconds, great too great. I would say that's the experience you get, so it's pretty good for gaming, especially if you remember that you know many of the more affordable gaming laptops have response times. You know the 25-millisecond range, which is much more than this one.

CPU Performance

Let's take a look at some benchmarks to get a better idea of how well it actually performs, and as I said at the start, they decided to go for the previous nine, the generation of Intel processors, instead of the 10th gen ones. Now I do believe that that was probably a cost-saving measure in this case, but since Intel didn't really change much over their 10th gen, it actually doesn't matter much at all. As you can see in most CPU benchmarks, this i7 9750h keeps up just fine with most 10750h laptops.

 This means it has plenty of power for things like photo and video editing, graphic design, and so on, and more importantly, it doesn't hold back your GPU either, which is the most important part of any gaming laptop now there is an RTX 2070 model as well that would be a bit more powerful for gaming and a bit more expensive as well, but this GTX 1660 ti is doing just fine in my opinion.

Battery Life Eluktronics Mag 15

So you can play all triple AAA titles on this thing with reasonable settings, of course, or if you play some lighter games or some older ones, it will be super smooth. The battery life is quite good as well. You get around 5:00 hours and 20 minutes in the PC mark eight productivity test and just over 7:00 hours of watching Netflix, so it's not really an all-day battery life, but I guess you can leave your bulky charger at home most of the day.

I was a thermal performance is pretty good as well with so many gaming laptops nowadays just going over 9 degree Celsius on the CPU, it's actually refreshing to see a laptop that keeps it around 80 degrees instead with a very reasonable GPU temp of 74 degrees now it does get fairly loud around 45 decibels and 50 centimeters distance. Still, it's not actually louder than most gaming laptops with similar specs.

Thermal and Noise

So the numbers that you see above are from the default balance mode, but you can actually change profiles using this little button next to the power button. You just need to make sure that you don't accidentally turn off your laptop. You can also use the software that's included, which I would say it's pretty basic, and I don't really mind that, but the profiles themselves don't make much sense in my opinion that the battery saver completely limits the GPU power, so that's fine for some very light use like typing and browsing, but the performance mode actually causes the CPU to overheat and throttle even with the fans running super loud.

Webcam / Speakers Eluktronics Mag 15

So basically, if you want to game on this thing, you should just leave it in balance mode, and that's it. This laptop does have a webcam, but it isn't a very low, and I guess they have to cut corners here and there, but a few cents more towards a better camera probably wouldn't hurt that much.

So this is the test off the webcam and microphone on this laptop, and you know it's so you can see that they cut some corners when it comes to the webcam quality. If you want to use it incidentally, that's completely fine.

But the speaker is actually quite lovely said they have a very pleasant sound that sought to distorted, and it's not too sharp. If he has a pretty good volume as well, it's much better than many laptops of the same class or even higher. If you're looking for some reliable and fast external storage, SSD are the way to go. It doesn't matter if it is going to use them to copy some files to work from them, for example, or to keep your games on there, just such a useful tool to have.


Anyways let's open it up. It is straightforward to put it up. It's easy to clean the fans that you can change the memory if you need more, you can replace the SSD if you want to, or you can add a second one you can change the Wi-Fi chip as well, but you won't have to because this is already a Wi-Fi 6 chip.

I finally kind of understand why so many people were mentioning it. Eluktronics MAG-15 to me, which is the same laptop as this one after all because honestly, if you put all of this together, touch about aside, it is a really good laptop with a really exceptional value. Still, there are some things that could be slightly improved, like the webcam quality to the bulky charger and the performance profiles, but most of it is actually great.

It has a very sleek minimalistic design. It has excellent build quality. Yet, it's very light it has a very decent performance and a better display than most gaming laptops on the market, and let's not forget how sweet this mechanical keyboard is, so if you are looking for a gaming laptop in this Black Friday madness do not miss on this one I would say the normal 1200 euros is a very reasonable price, to begin with. Still, for under 1000, I really don't think that you will find a better deal than this one.

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