Best Laptop For Content Creators & Video Editing 2021

Best Laptop For Content Creators

Gigabyte aero 15 oled series laptops have been my go-to choice for a few years for people to do a mixture of content creation in gaming so let's check out the differences in the new 2021 Aero 15 and see what improvements have been made.

Now back to the Aero 15 review updated pricing of which can also be found on Newegg with the links down the below. My config has an eight-core Intel processor, Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics, 32 gigs of memory in dual channel, and an OLED screen.

Design / Size & Weight

The best laptop for content creators has a smooth matte black finish both on OLED and interior, with a subtle new pattern towards the bottom on the lid. Overall, build quality feels great because it's mostly aluminum and there aren't any sharp corners or edges spot these all plastic.

The laptop alone weighs just to have a 2.2kg or 4.9lb, or around 3.2kg, all 7 pounds with the 230-watt brick and cables. The new 2021 model has the same dimensions as the last generation, so just 2cm thick and fairly portable considering the specs inside.

OLED Screen Best Laptop For Content Creators

The Aero has a 15.6 inch 4K 60Hz AMOLED display, and like I've said in the past, this thing looks amazing, but there is also a 1080p high refresh rate option for gamers. It comes X-Rite Pantone calibrated with the delta E less than 1 out of the box, so quite accurate and with high color gamut’s. It can get fairly bright, too, at over 400 nits, which we were expecting as it's certified for HDR 400. It's not possible to disable Optimus, and there's no G-sync, but it does have a sizeable bar.

Camera Test Best Laptop For Content Creators

There is no backlight bleed as OLED panels don't use a backlight. Each pixel is individually lit the 720P camera is under the screen. There is no windows hello support.  So as the camera's down is the bottom, it does kind of lookup your nose a bit, and there's no adjusting it, but it does have that privacy filter.

Keyboard Touching

The keyboard has per-key RGB backlighting which can be adjusted between 2 levels by holding the function key and pressing the space bar. When you hold the function key, the keys that have a secondary function change to white, this works great if you've got the keyboard lighting off, but with the keyboard lit up, it can be harder to tell which case has changed to white.

Like previous Aero 15 models, unfortunately, secondary key functions are not illuminated. I really hope this is something they improve for the upcoming 11th generation version.  Typing otherwise worked fine. The power button is separate to the keyboard and above it in the center, and there appeared to be some small air vants back there too. The precision touchpad is excellent. It's super smooth to the touch and works well.

Build Quality Best Laptop For Content Creators

The type-C port cannot be used to charge the laptop, and it connects to the Intel integrated graphics, but the HDMI mini DisplayPort outputs connect directly to the Nvidia discrete graphics. The Ethernet cable might get in the way if you're left-handed us it's towards the front; I guess there's not much space with air exhausts on either side. Personally, I prefer bulky I/O out of the back and out of the way.

There are two air exhausts on the back too, and unlike the old model, the Aero 15 logo doesn't light up, which seems preferable from a battery life perspective. The front just has a groove for getting your finger in to open the lid. It's easy to open up with one finger as it feels well balanced, and it sits fine on my lap.

Screen flicks weren't too bad, and the hinges filled study there. The screen did have some wobble to it keyboard flex was on the low side the chassis felt quite solid. The Aero logo on the backlight up White as the OLED panel doesn't have a backlight. It must have its own dedicated light, and I didn't see an option for turning it off underneath. There are plenty of air vents towards the back off of the machine. Getting inside was very easy. Just take out 12 TR6 screws of the same length and pry off the bottom panel inside. We've got the battery down the front and M2 slot to the left of the battery and the other just above the battery on the right.


The wifi six card is just above the M2 drive and the two memory slots or towards the center. The two speakers are on the left and right sides towards the front. I thought they sounded adequate around average to perhaps a little above average. They will not get enough at Max volume and still mostly clear without really any noticeable base, and the latencymon result looked all right.


This new Aero 15 has a larger 99Wh battery compared to the 94Wh that it's hard for the last few generations. It lasted almost for 7 hours in the YouTube playback test and 2:00 hours exactly for the gaming test, So a good result for gaming but not great compared to alternatives otherwise, but that said it was lasting longer compared to the older 94Wh Aero 15 models I've tested.

Software Bios

The control center software also lets you set the maximum battery charge level between 60 and 100 percent to help improve the lifespan of the battery. Let's check out the thermals next. The gigabyte control center software lets you modify the CPU, and GPU power limits two levels for the GPU and 5 for the CPU. These can only be adjusted when plugged into power all that great out on battery now I found the RTX 3070 in my Aero 15 to run up to 105 watts in a GPU the only workload with dynamic boost,

However, when the CPU was also under the lord, the GPU Maxed out at 75 watts, So a 30-watt range for a dynamic boost.  The software also offers different fan profiles, quiet normal, and gaming modes, plus there's also a ton of granular fan control so you can get the optimal performance. It's also possible to Max out the fan speed by simply holding the function key and pressing escape the key with the Fan icon.

 The GPU is not overclocked, and undervolting did not appear possible. It was greyed out both in Intel XTU and throttle stop, and I couldn't see anywhere in the BIOS to allow it is speaking of bios. There's not too much customization available here the idle temperatures on the warm side when idling in my 21°C degree Celsius room.

Thermal & Performance

The CPU was thermal throttling at 90° degree Celsius which I think is a good gigabyte of had this limit on their Aero 15 laptops for a while to prevent things from getting too hot and running higher. Many of the laptops will happily limit at 95 or even 100 degrees. It was possible to lower the temperature is quite a bit simply by setting the fan to max speed, and then using a cooling pad also [censored] nice gains as there's plenty of evidence underneath.

These are the clock speeds for the same tests to shorten the GPU clock speed was the highest when both the CPU and GPU were set to the lowest amounts, and this is because dynamic boost is able to push the GOU to hire in this workload. The CPU speed improves going from normal fan mode to Max fan speed as this removes the thermal throttle at 90 degrees. When checking out the power limits, we can see that the CPU was able to run out it's at its full 62 watt limit with the fan maxed out, an impressive result given many of the laptops do not allow the processor to run this high in combined CPU plus GPU load.

The tradeoff, however, seems to be a dynamic boost. When the CPU is using more, the GPU starts using less, at least for this workload. Here is how CPU early performance looks in cinebench with the GPU now idle. For some reason, the single-core scores were better with the lower power limit modes. Otherwise, multiple core scores improved as a result of higher TDP.

I'm going to start moving over to the new R23 as this is a much longer test and better shows sustained performance over time. The score were better compared to the clever-based XMG Pro 17 with the same processor, but not quite as good as the XMG New 15. Otherwise, all the eight-core Ryzen options were offering better multi-core performance with similar single-core scores.  Here's how the cinebench scores look when running on battery power. Compared to most of the laptops, the gigabyte aero 15 oled  isn't doing great here both the single and multi-core scores a significantly lower when compared to similarly spec laptops?

When idling, the keyboard was getting to the lower 40s warmer compared to most others I've tested that sit at 30, but not a problem in practice with the stress tests running it's at 50 in the middle now and warm to the touch normal fan mode was simple and hotter up the block but you don't need to touch that anyway Max fan speed was actually cooler on the keyboard that running at idle and the WASD area was cold, but as you hit next it's a fair bit louder now.

Adobe premiere was tested with the Puget systems benchmark. They recently updated this test, so the results are not comparable to my previous guide. As a result, I've got less data to confirm the laptop selection. I have tested it. It's doing all right granted performances in between 4800H plus gtx 1660 ti machines.

Adobe Photoshop generally depends more on process performance, and the i7 is in line with many other laptops with similar eight-core Intel processor DaVinci Resolve is more GPU heavy, and the new RTX 3070 graphics is doing very well here early behind the high wattage 3070 in the XMG Neo 15.  I've also tested Spec view perf, which tests out various professional 3D workloads.


Now let's conclude by summarizing both the good and the bad to help you decide if the Aero 15 is worth considering overall. I think the Aero 15 is an best laptop for content creators and excellent choice for content creators, mostly due to the calibrated OLED display, which I just love to work with. The high CPU power limits compared to most of the laptops is also a plus, and despite the GPU lowering back in somewhere close to the dynamic boost, performance was still pretty good, seriously gigabyte.

Well, actually maybe hold off until the keyboard is fixed, please just like all the secondary functions light up. The battery upgrade over the previous Aero 15 was nice there compared to all the laptops the battery life doesn't stack up too well, and the performance of battery was low compared to most alternatives too. For content creators, though, I think the OLED screen SD card slot and thunderbolt hard combination to beat, and this is still what I would personally pick today if I was operating my older Aero 15x for content creation. I pretty much only use my laptop when I travel to make 4K videos for this website, and the gigabytes Aero series is still the best laptop for that task that I've found.

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