Best AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Specs, Pricing, and Launch Date


Today we can finally share some concrete information on amd rx 6700 xt. At the time this article goes live, AMD will have just finished the official presentation over this new GPU, so here we can go over the specs we know so far and also take a first look at some performance figures which have been shared by an rx 6700 xt.

First things first, though, in this presentation, we only got wind of a new rx 6700 xt. No other GPUs were announced, so if you were hoping for an rx 6700 xt, then I'm afraid you will be disappointed. What we did here, though, is confirmation of pricing I'm not is $$$ for the rx 6700 xt that's $80 more than the rtx 5700 xt and the $20 less than nvidia RTX 3070. For those of us in the UK, we weren't told confirmed UK pricing, but personally, I would guess around the 450-pound mark.

Launch Date Rx 6700 XT

launch date

Rx 6700 release date is going to be March 18, and that is the same for amd reference design and all of the AIB, so you should see all of those cards ready for sale on rx 6700 release date March eighteenth. That is, if we can assume a good level of availability, unfortunately, this kind of is the topic we need to cover first as I'm sure there's going to be plenty of comments asking about supply or rather the lack of supply. So we were able to talk with amd 6700 xt about this yesterday, and they were fairly non-committal; however, they did later send out a statement which we can read here in amd words then where amd radeon amd 6700 xt launch.

The key phrase for me that is significantly more GPUs available at launch what this actually means or what it will mean in practice we are just going to be wait and see but the one thing I would say is having 100 GPUs is significantly more than having 10 GPUs but still wouldn't be enough to meet demand. So whatever happens on March 18th can’t really predict it now. We just have to wait and see what stock is like. Unfortunately, based on the events of the last few months, I can't say I'm too optimistic, but as I said, we are just going to have to wait and see.

Product Positioning


Getting back to the GPU itself, though, we'll start off with product positioning here amd rx 6700 xt was very clear that this is a 1440p GPU for gaming with max settings amd rx 6700 xt also called out some research from IDC which shows that the 1440p monitor segment is actually the fastest-growing want to segment year on year looking at data from Q3 2019 to Q3 2020. In terms of the specs, then we only have a high-level overview. We have been told that we'll get a deeper dive into the GPU in the coming days, but that information will be embargoed until our review.

Key Specification

key specs

For now, we can go over the high-level specs of the GPU, though, and just give a few thoughts on what AMD has presented first up. Then we know the rx 6700 xt is going to be using a new piece of nappy silicon that new GPU die was actually shown in 1 of the slides. Comprised of 40 compute units with Rdna 2 ease compute unit holds 64 stream processors.

So that gives us a total of 2560 for the amd 6700 xt. This is exactly half the number of cores as the rx 6900 xt was actually a third fewer cause than the RX 6800 a, which is quite a lot less considering the 6700 xt price difference is only $100 what we were only told 40 compute units we can read between the lines and info what we know from the rdna two architecture. So you would expect to see 64 ROPs 160 text units, and they'll also be 40 ray accelerators with one ray accelerator per compute unit.

Next, we count two clock speed, and this is a really interesting area for me amd called out a rated game clock of up 2424 megahertz bearing in mind that the RX 6800 has a rated game clock of 1850 megahertz. This is over 600 megahertz faster for the rx 6700 xt.

For me, I am looking at that really high clock speed and guessing it's going to offset some of the performance loss versus the rx 6800 as a result of having a third fewer cause that is obviously quite a lot less cause, but if you can add an extra 600 megahertz to the game clock that is going to mean the performance gap isn't going to be as big as it was.

Gddr 6 Memory


That is obviously just speculation, though, and the game clock can very be depending on the application, so again, stay tuned for the full review where we will look overclock speed behavior as for the memory now as well as infinity cash will take at least together as they're effectively two sides of the same coin. First of all, AMD was very clear that with 12 gigabytes of DDR6 memory, only rx 6700 xt, and they were very transparent about that being a sort of one-up over nvidia with 3060 ti and the 3070, both having 8 gigabytes of g6 memory.

The key here, though, is unless rx 6700 xt done something quite weird, which I can’t imagine they would have 12 gigabytes of VRAM means a narrower 192-bit memory interface and assuming 16 gigabits per second memory speeds, we can expect memory bandwidth to come in at 384 gigabytes a second for the rx 6700 xt.

Now, this is slower than the 3060 ti and the 3070, which both have memory bandwidth speeds of 448 gigabytes per second despite having less VRAM. Of course, this is where the infinity test comes in, as rx 6700 xt will tell us that the infinity cache is going to give a boost to effective bandwidth speeds.

Power Draw

We don't know how fast the cache is going to be. We would expect it to be slower than the 128-megabyte cache found on the big Navi GPUs. For instance, right now, all we know is a smaller cache at 96 megabytes. The last key specs for thrown out by rx 6700 xt now are in terms of power as the rx 6700 xt has a total board power rating of 230 watts.

For me, this is another really interesting area 230 watts is only 20 watts or 8 percent less than the rx 6800 despite the amd 6700 xt having a third fewer cause. We hope to ask amd about this as soon as I can, but for now, my guess would be the extra power has kind of been funneled into increasing clock speed as opposed to housing more cores. 

Not could be beneficial at the low resolutions like 1080p and 1440p, which is what this GPU it's all about. That is just speculation for now, though, but 230 watts is what we know, and, interestingly, there was no up to 230 watts which to me means for now at least we won't be seeing a rumored 189-watt model though it's possible that could be announced down the line.  

AMD Rx 6700 XT Benchmark


In terms of early performance numbers, then, first of all, I would say remember these are first-party benchmarks, so do take them with a healthy dose of skepticism, and of course, our full review will have plenty more gaming benchmarks for you to look at. They are useful to a rough indicator, and we can kind of work out where AMD is positioning this GPU, so the rx 6700 xt was shown in eight modern titles going up against the 3060 ti and the 3070.

Performance does seem to range from anywhere to slightly slower than the rx 3060 ti watch dog legion to being significantly faster, and I would say then the 3070 in assassin's creed Valhalla as well as dirt 5. Across all eight games, though, we are looking at performance roughly in the same ballpark as the rtx 3070. For me, this raises questions as to how big the gap is actually going to be between the rx 6700 xt and the rtx 6800.

Ray Tracing


There is also a clock speed, so it really just comes back to you. We are going to have to wait and see until we can benchmark ourselves AMD did also show performance figures for six more esports titles, but these were only presented without any comparison data, so they don't really tell us a whole lot other than the fact that they all marketing the rx 6700 xt as a 1440p 165Hz capable card. There is also ray-tracing to cover, though. I if we cast our minds back to the initial announcement over the rx 6800 xt series.


I did think it was suspicious at the time AMD didn't go into any comparisons showing the 6800 series against nvidia's GPUs in terms of ray tracing, and it's exactly the same here not a single performance figure was shown in terms of ray tracing we only got a list of games that will support the technology for the rx 6700 xt. I know from my own benchmarks that in a few games, the 3060 ti can actually beat the rx 6800 xt when it comes to raytracing.

So bearing that in mind, my hopes for the rx 6700 xt are all going to be about high considering it has 20 fewer rate accelerators is of course, so it's just something we have to benchmark and find out exactly what sort of ray tracing performance this card has to offer.

New Reference Cooler


Last of all, we also have a look at the new dual-fan reference card. In all honesty, this looks precisely what expect a reference 6800 to look like if we removed one of the fans. Nothing really was shared about it other than we were told the length of the card, which is the same as the rx 6800 xt, meaning it’s 10.5 inches long or 267 millimeters.  We didn't look at the power requirements either but considering the 230-watt board power rating, and I would expect to see 18 pin and 16 PCIe power connectors.


The final things that and the reason I have left this till last is not really to do rx 6700 xt but amd the small access memory is now coming to Ryzen 3000 series processes excluding the 3200g and 3400g apus you still need a 500 series motherboards to let's b550 or X570 alongside a compatible bio, but that should open up sam to a wider range of AMD Ryzen uses.

So then VAT is basically everything we know so far about the new rx 6700 xt. It has been a pretty high-level overview, and we are hoping to have a lot more technical details in the coming weeks, but those will have to be presented in our full review, and we can't share them here.

What we do know is that this GPU is set to rx 6700 xt release date on March 18, and that's both in terms of the AMD reference board as well as custom boards from the likes of sapphire power color XFX and more 6700 xt price at $$$ MSRP. This is $20 less than the rtx 3070, and in my personal opinion, it does seem to be relatively competitive, but we are just going to wait until we can benchmark it ourselves and put it through our list of games really though I think the key factor that will determine the success of this launch is just how much stock AMD can get in the retail channel.

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