Best GeForce RTX 3070 VS Radeon RX 6800 Review 2021

rtx 3070 vs rx 6800

We are taking a close look at how the rtx 3070 vs rx 6800 compared by benchmarking in head to head in 40 games actually w cyberpunk 2077 sneaking in as a late addition to this benchmark session it's now 41 games anyway lots of games been tested more than twice what has included in my day one review for each of these models and here I will be providing 1080p 1440p and 4k data.

Test Setup Rtx 3070 vs Rx 6800

As it stands, availability for both products is pretty terrible, so we are starting to see some things improve here, especially for the rtx 3070 at least locally where major retailers at the time of making this guide or have I have half a dozen different models in stock the hope, however, is that early next year availability for both the rtx 3070 vs rx 6800 will improve to the point where both will be relatively easy to purchase.

Should that be the case today, I'm going to find out which 1 I think you should purchase, so let's get into the testing, and please note that I have updated the GPU test rig for this benchmark moving away from the Ryzen 9 3950x to the new Ryzen 9 5950x though I'm sticking with DDR4 3200 CL 14 dual-rank memory for now as it's quite a bit faster than even DDR4 rtx 3800 single rank.

 Finally, technology such as Sam so ( smart access memory ) they've been disabled, and this is always the case unless specified otherwise representing the GeForce GPU is the RTX 3070 foundation graphics card while the Radeon GPU will be represented by AMD reference card both are stock so no overclocking here now I'm not going to go over all 41 graphs here you will individually take a look at around half a dozen of the games tested and then we'll jump into some breakdown graphs to quickly summarize all the data.

Battle Field V Rtx 3070 vs Rx 6800

Please note all graphs will be made available to float plain and patron members though I am likely to show those towards the end of the article. Anyway, let's get to it. I will start by looking at battlefield five this is a title that we've tested with a lot in the past recently I have dropped from a battery of benchmarks, and that's mostly due to the stupid five hardware change look at, which makes testing more than a few graphics card at absolute nightmare, and I'm just sick of behind every game on the origin store five times.

So in the future, we will limit EA titles to the sort of head-to-head comparisons where we look at just 2 or 3 graphics cards. Please note that previously I have tested battlefield 5 using the DirectX 12 API, but many of you are still reporting frame time issues claiming the DirectX 11 is much smoother, so that's what I have used for this test.

Here we are seeing that for those of you targeting maximum FPS at 1080p while maintaining high image quality, the Rx 6800 will offer a little over 30 percent more frames. The margin at 1440p remains much the same here the Radeon GPU was 32% faster on average, hitting 173 FPS; however, as we move to the highest resolution test so 4K, the margin is reduced to 20 percent, which is still a sizeable victory for the red tape but not quite as extreme as always sort those low resolutions still it's worth noting that at the MSRP the rx 6800 does cost 16 percent more so the margin isn't quite as impressive as it first appears therefore as we Wade through the rest of the graphs Keep that pricing discrepancy in mind.

Apex Legends Rtx 3070 vs Rx 6800

Another battle Royale style game that I've tested with his apex legends, and he was looking at very similar performance with either GPU the RX 6800 was just 6 percent faster attorney pay 3 percent faster at 1440p and back up to 5 percent more quickly at 4K basically with a 3 to 6 percent performance advantage for the rx 6800 we really are looking at similar performance at all three tested resolutions.

Call of Duty

Next up, we have the call of duty modern warfare, and here, the rx 6800 appears to offer a very strong performance uplift over the rtx 3070. We're looking at around a 20 percent performance boost out all three tester resolutions, so resolution scaling between these 2 GPUs is very consistent. That means with the rt 6800 costing around 16 percent more but delivering about 20 percent more performance, and it is a better value choice here though not by meaningful margin has to be said.

Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is a game that I've benchmarked with a lot in the past. However, more recently, I have dumped it for benchmark content with a small sample of games. After all, it is five years old at this point; however, we have included it here at with the visual quality settings all maxed out the rx 6800 was 13 percent faster 1080p 6 percent faster 1440p, and just 4 percent faster at 4k, So again we seeing a situation where AMD does win across the board but the margins file to offset the price premium.


Control is yet another game with where AMD nvidia GPUs a very evenly matched the rx 6800 was just 6 percent faster 1080p, and then we're looking at an identical performance, or near enough at 1440p and 4K it's also worth mentioning that this is another title it does support DLSS so you can quickly boost the performance of the RTX 3070 but again we'll talk about that a bit later on the next guide.


The conclusion of each GPU I will cycle through all the graphs that we are yet to look at or at least as many as I can fit in here but I won’t comment on the result so the big win as I see it for the rx 6800 is the VRAM buffer with 16 gigabytes of memory you are getting twice as much VRAM and that’s almost certainly going to be a benefit in the not too distant future and

 we have already got a number of examples where the rtx 3070 is hamstrung by its eight gigabyte VRAM buffer do material using the ultra-nightmare preset is one example so cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing enabled as another and there will be more to come shortly of course you can dial down the textures to get around a VRAM limitation but that kind of goes against the reason for buying an rtx 3070.

 if it’s for the more mature ray tracing support it makes a little sense to enhance stuff like reflection for example at a massive hit to performance while also having to downgrade texture quality something that typically has no impact on performance should you have enough VRAM so that’s really my main concern with the rtx 3070 in two years or so the rx 6800 could very well end up delivering better image quality in the latest and greatest games.

Simply it can take advantage of massive texture packs all of that said if you upgrade your graphics card every year or two the VRAM capacity thing probably won’t be something worth worrying about however if you typically wait three to four years before upgrading then I feel the extra VRAM will be major factor.

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