Nvidia 3000 Series VS 2000 Series | Nvidia 3000 Series Release Date

Nvidia 3000 Series VS 2000 Series

So your browsing through Best Buy, and you see a nice RTX 2000 series laptop for $300 off, and you go, holy crap, is that a good deal because you're also looking at the RTX 3000 series laptops over here they cost maybe $500 more but maybe. I am here to help you figure out which laptop you should buy this can provide the best bang for the Buck and the last as long as possible and just trying to make you as happy as possible and if don’t know  the  nvidia 3000 series release date then don’t worry its released in 25th February

Because that's really where I benefit and get the most joy in reviewing products when someone emails me or whatever in the like the laptop I got is awesome I think so much for the recommendation like, but I love that, so in this guide, I talk about the crucial differences between Nvidia 3000 series vs 2000 series. Then I'm going to talk about the key things to consider outside of just the GPU. Lastly, I'm also going to talk about how to calculate your performance per dollar for an RTX 2000 series laptop that's on sale versus a brand new RTX 3000 series laptop that has increased performance but also costs more.

Now I also want to briefly mention that I've created a comprehensive spreadsheet comparing all the RTX 3000 series laptops. Now I've read all of these laptops on the price to performance CPU performance, GPU performance, and premium features, and I've also sorted the list by price, so if you're trying to find a laptop between $1500 in $2000.

It's very easy to see every model that's currently available. There's a link in the down below if you want to check it out after reading this complete guide now. If you do decide to use the links in the spreadsheet down below, know that some of the links are affiliate links. They do go to help support my website. I would not be able to do this full-time without your support, so thank you very much.

Timespy Explained Nvidia 3000 Series VS 2000 Series

Now when comparing RTX 2000 series and RTX 3000 series laptops, the first go-to benchmark I look at is the Timespy GPUs score. Now time spy has three scores, and there's a combined score, the GPU score, and the CPU score. The. The GPU score is really the only score here that represents GPU-bound game performance. Now the one thing to keep in mind with Timespy scores that it does not represent the RTX and DLSS increase performance that the RTX 3000 series provides over the RTX 2000 series.

So even if an RTX 2000 series GPU provides the exact same performance as an RTX 3000 series GPU because of the improved RT and tensor cores in the RTX 3000 series, you're going to see improved overall raytracing and DLSS performance entitles like cyberpunk 2077 now a very good example of this is my Strix g17 they got 10800 in Timespy which is only a little bit higher than my Alienware area 51m. Still, in cyberpunk 2077, we saw a 22 percent performance gain.

So this goes to show you that in our RTX and DLSS titles, you may get more optimized performance out of the RTX 3000 series GPUs. No, I did not see this, and with every title, you can see that in watch dogs legion, we had a similar performance as well as red dead redemption two though that doesn't use RTX or DLSS.

CPU Bound vs GPU Bound Nvidia 3000 Series VS 2000 Series

Since most gaming laptops are still only 1080p resolution, it's important to keep in mind that at 1080p, you are more likely to be CPU bound than the GPU bound in a lot of the games you play. So in games like far cry 5 shadow of the tomb riders, CS go, and rainbow six Siege, the performance you see in these games will be primarily based on how good of a CPU you end up getting. This is one of the main reasons why getting one of the new RTX 3000 series graphics card with a Ryzen 5000 series CPU is really attractive because you're getting an increased CPU performance for the CPU bound games, and then you're also going to have the increase performance from the RTX 3000 series for the GPU bound games.

Perhaps the best comparison I can make between 2 Cards that are in roughly the same chassis is the Strix g17 with RTX 2070 versus the Strix g17 with RTX 3070. We saw a 17 FPS game in red dead redemption 2 now this translates roughly to a 28 percent gain in performance with the new RTX 3000 series, so what this means to me is that if you can get RTX 2000 series at a great price, then it can still be worth considering RTX 2000 series and if you already have an RTX 2000 series that's a great machine and you're happy with the frame rates that you're getting there's not really a desperate need or anything like that to push yourself to buy RTX 3000 series laptop.

There are certainly some performance gains to be had if you get an RTX 3000 series machine. It's just not going to be massive for some people but will be massive for others. It's just going to be so dependent on what the TDP of each individual machine is as well as does include a mix switch what game are you playing is the GPU bound game is the CPU bound game does the new laptop have a Ryzen 5000 series in it or potentially coming up here.

And Intel 11th generation processor. What's the TDP of the processor? There are so many different factors going on here now. Something to keep in mind with Nvidia 3000 Series VS 2000 Series laptops is that the RTX 3000 series laptops may be improved in a number of important ways, including fan design, perhaps additional heat pipes, better keyboards, brighter backlights new and improved QHD displays.

  And if you want to take advantage of any of these new features, you're going to have to get the new model version, not the old one. A great example of this is the Zephyrus G15 having a lot of these improvements that does that Zephyrus M15 from last year just didn't have, which makes this Zephyrus G15 a vastly superior compared to last year model.

What CPU to buy?

Now another thing to keep in mind with RTX 3000 series GPUs is that they can be paired with an Intel 10th Generation CPU or a new Ryzen 5000 series CPU which is very power efficient and allows the GPU to boost into a higher TDP more often in more titles so if possible I do recommend the Ryzen 5000 series now that said it is still perfectly fine buying in Intel 10th Gen CPU series if you're getting it at the right price.

An example of a great Intel CPU bang for the Buck laptop is the Aorus 15g which I actually have right here, so this right here is an impressive piece of kit for only $2000. I've only done my initial testing on it, but it's a very impressive laptop with a very bright backlight. It's a gorgeous machine that has a lot of great features, including a mux switch. If you want to know if an RTX 3000 series laptop has a mux switch or not, I have included it in my spreadsheet in a whole column dedicated to it. I've managed to collect the data on almost all the laptops on the market now directly from the manufacturers, and if not, I've quoted sources for where I found all the information on the spreadsheet.

11th generation Intel CPU

Now Intel will be releasing 11 gen laptop CPUs soon. I'm already started seeing some of the RTX 3000 series laptops go on sale like the Alienware M15, and M17 was on sale last couple of days they're no longer on sale now I am monitoring the prices on all of the laptops on the market, and I'll be tracking which laptops go on sale. I've added a dedicated section of the spreadsheet to just these laptops that are now on sale. Now, these sales to indicate to me that these laptops were either over-priced or Intel will be releasing their 11th Gen processors pretty soon, and these manufacturers are trying to empty their stock.

RTX 2000 Series Can Offer Premium Features?

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to Nvidia 3000 Series VS 2000 Series is what premium features does an RTX 2000 series laptop have versus the 3000 series because, for example, if you were to go with RTX 2000 series but you get a lot of premium features like a much better display and windows hello maybe a better keyboard maybe better backlights on RGBS on the laptop for the same price then maybe sacrificing a little bit of performance is still worth it.

How To Calculate Performance Per Dollar?

So let's talk about how to calculate performance per dollar now 2 of the best metrics for calculating performance per dollar in a simple and easy to understand way is using the timespy GPU score along with the cinebench r20 or r23 score in every laptop review that I make on my channel I compare the CPU and GPU performance using these numbers. I compare it on the per pound basis as well as a per-dollar basis and the way I calculate this is pretty simple.

I'll just make Timespy GPU points and divide it by the cost of the laptop, taking the Strix g17. For example, we've got a time spy GPU score of 10809, and we divide that by 1799 and we get 6.01 points per dollar. This is the highest points per dollar that I have seen so far this year. When we take the cinebench r20 score, we get 5201 and divide that by 1799 we get 2.89 points per dollar, and we can see that this is a good CPU performance per dollar. Now you can calculate these numbers for yourself on any laptop. You can find reliable benchmarks score.

So if you can get the Timespy GPU score or set a benchmark 20 score and then divide that by the laptop's price, you'll be able to get your overall points per dollar for your GPU and your CPU, and then you can compare those numbers that you've calculated versus the laptops that I've tested here now keep in mind in all of my testings I do maximum fans and the highest performance profiles possible just to see what a laptop is fully capable of.


So, in conclusion, should you buy an RTX 2000 series laptop or a 3000 series laptop for me, it all comes down to performance per dollar is the RTX 2000 series laptop on sale enough to really get a great bang for the Buck where it's competing with the new RTX 3000 series if it is go for the RTX 2000 series that said many of the new RTX 3000 series laptops are offering the best performance per dollar that I have ever seen in gaming laptops.

It is a massive bump up in performance per dollar compared to the RTX 2000 series, especially at lunch. Still, you do have to keep in mind that not all of the arctic 3000 series is priced as competitively, so know that there are good deals out there RTX 3000 series laptops and there are bad deals, and if you want some help in figuring out which ones are good and bad again there's a spreadsheet linked in the below down below.

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