Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super Review 2021

rtx 2060

After spending the last three or so months looking at GTX 16 series today, we are returning to the office rtx 2060 series, and specifically, we're looking at this rtx 2060 super. This is rtx 2060 gaming OC pro 6G, so if we look at the gigabyte line up rtx 2060 card because this is actually the top-end model if we don't include the aorus card, which is kind of in its come own little sub-brands so for actual gigabyte branded card this is the top-end model it comes factory overclocked with an 1830 megahertz boost clock, and it also comes with a 31-pound price premium over nvidia's founder's edition.

So the question where we're going to be asking throughout this review is whether or not this particular rtx 2060 card from gigabyte is worth the price premium.  Wil kick things off with a look at the design then and having now reviewed a number of gigabyte card. It was the past few months. The old generally look pretty similar, so they've all kind of got these matte back kind of stealthy looking shroud as a couple of grey accents on their mostly matte black and then they generally the design is quite simple as nothing that kind of stands on really grabs you about it.

That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as we mentioned, it is actually very color neutral, so you have no issues putting this in a color-coordinated build. The only downside is, and I think it is a fat point, is that it could be a little bit more exciting to look out, but it's hardly a major points.

On the front of the card, we also get a look at those three fans each of these measures 18 millimetres in diameter and actually feature what gigabyte calls its alternate spinning technology, so if you look closely, you can actually tell the middle fan is or if the fan blades oriented in a different direction to the outs to fans.



So those outs two fans will actually spend counterclockwise where the central final spin clockwise. So gigabyte says this is designed to reduce overall turbulence and thus increase airflow pressure, but we are going to be look at the temperatures and also noise levels later on in the review. Just moving back to be card as a whole is worth touching on its time dimensions it measures 280.35 by 116.45 by 40.24 millimetres.

So it's definitely not the biggest on rtx 2060 we've seen that would be the Asus Rog Strix model, but then again, there are actually a number of single fan rtx 2060 on the market, so they would be considerably smaller still as far as cards go I would expect this to fit in the majority of cases on the market.

Design and RGB Lighting

Moving on now to the front side of the card, this is where we find the gigabyte logo, and this is actually the only RGB linking zone on the entire card because personally I quite like that as I prefer a kind of a more minimalistic look something that's not too in your face, but then again it does depend as we have seen a number of other rtx 2060 which have multiple RGB zones across the entire card so just to point out there are only 1 RGB zones I guess it really does come down to your preferences on RGB lighting.

Flipping over to the backplate now is again quite playing, which fits in with the overall design language with just the gigabyte logo for embellishment printed in white, remember, but it's not on RGB zone. However, it is good to see that the backplate itself is made from metal, and it does contact the rear of the PCB via some foul pad, so not only will it help with overall structural rigidity it should also help with some heat dissipation as well.

Lastly, we'll just touch on the single eight-pin PCIe power connector and then also all display outputs, of which we have three display ports and then 1 HDMI. Taking the card apart now, this only requires the removal of 7 screws from the backplate, and then we get direct access to the PCB. Here we can see that Gigabyte has gone with the same six busts to power phase configuration as the nvidia founder's edition rtx 2060, and we can also see that the 6 gigabytes of gddr6 memory are supplied by micron.

GPU Cooler


As for the GPU dying, this is label T106 that's 200 A and is that a which signifies the fact that this is a bin chip which can indeed be sold with a factory overclock now as for be cooler this is actually comprised of 3 separate aluminum fin stacks all of which are connected by 46-millimetre copper heat pipes.  These heat pipes actually make direct contact with the GPU dying, while it's also good to see gigabyte has supplied plenty of thermal pads for both the memory chips as well as the VRM.

Gaming Performance

far cry

Moving On now to performance as well, say in this guide we're going to be showing you all 1440p benchmarks we do, of course, have 1080p and 4k benchmarks over on tech guru academy but considering how we kind of know what to expect from a factory overclocked rtx 2060 we're going to be focusing on the 1440p charts so if we get those charts up you now guys as expected the rtx 2060 card really does perform pretty much where we would have thought for many factory overclocked cards bearing mind this has 150 megahertz clock speed advantage over rtx 2060 nvidia founders edition.

far cry

Accordingly, throughout our test, it does beat the rtx 2060 founder edition in every single benchmark, and it performs on average 4 percent faster. So it's not a massive gap but definitely does come in faster across every benchmark. Another interesting point of comparison is actually with Vega 56, which is on average 7 to 8 percent slower than this gaming OC Pro 6g.

That figure really isn't tell you the whole story, though, as it actually does very quiet a lot depending on the games you are playing in titles like Deus ex mankind divided. For instance, Vega 56 is actually marginally faster than this rtx 2060 but then again, in others like ghost recon wildlands and also shadow of the tomb raider is considerably slower.

So again, like I said, it really does very title by title still as GeForce rtx 2060 cards go. This is definitely 1 of the fast ones out there, and it makes it great for both high refresh rate gaming at 1080p? And then also very solid kind of looking between that 60 to 70 FPS region when you bump up the resolution to 1440p. Now, as this is a geforce rtx 2060, we also look at some titles which do have ray tracing enabled. In particular, we looks at battlefield five and the shadow of the tomb raider. Here we ran both games at 1080p 1440p first testing with ray tracing off and then with geforce rtx 2060 ultra.

Shadow OF The Tomb Rider


Geforce rtx 2060 is definitely best suited to ray tracing at 1080p, and actual fact, both titles we saw around I think it was 60 to 70 FPS when we had to ray tracing enable and set to ultra, but it's definitely a playable frame rate, but then it's still about I think it was 35 to 40 percent performance penalty when you go from geforce rtx 2060 or the geforce rtx ultra.

For me, both titles obviously still playable when you do enable RTX, but it really does come down to personal preference whether you'd rather have the higher frame rates with geforce rtx 2060, or you don't mind dropping down to around the 60 FPS region I'm having RTX on. So it really does come down to your personal preference. Just around of our performance section now is also worth looking at the real world clock speed of gigabyte card like we said, it has a rated boost crop of 1830 megahertz, which is 150 megahertz faster than nvidia founders edition.

Average CPU Speed

average gpu

In the real world, although we actually saw a boost up to 1938 megahertz on average, which is 106 megahertz faster than the 2016 founders edition and just that gap in frequency which explains why I was saying slightly higher frame rates from the gaming OC pro.

So that is it for a look at the game performance, but what about thermals? Well, the card to actually rant any hotter than 64 degrees under load, which is actually a fantastic result. It's a full 5 degrees cooler than geforce rtx 2060 nvidia founders edition, and you can see on the chart it definitely comes in as 1 of the coolest card on the test today.

This excellent thermal performance is backed up by the excellent acoustic performance as well, as we actually sold this card produced the least amount of noise other than any card that was a GTX 16 series card. We know this geforce rtx 2060 card it generally much less power-hungry so let's see equals less noise, but of all the card we tested apart from the GTX 16 series, this was actually the quietest card today.

It's so quiet is really just at the point where once you actually do put in a case, you'd be really hot pressed actually hit a fan spinning at all power draw is also worth touching on, and we sold the total system draw 246 watts with this gigabyte card installed, and that is about 20 watts more than with the geforce rtx 2060 nvidia foundation card although again that really is to be expected considering this gigabyte has high clock speed and thus higher power draw.

average speed

We will also touch on our manual overclocking now, and overall we did okay with this geforce rtx 2060 gigabyte card. Although I would have liked to push it a little bit further but the best we could do was an extra 95MHz to the GPU Core while we could add a thousand megahertz to the memory. This actually real-world clock speed up to  2008 megahertz, which is a real-world increase of 70 megahertz, which is definitely good although we have seen on the geforce rtx 2060 which can run closer to 2014 megahertz, so like I said, it's good, but we have seen better.

Still, this extra frequency did see our fire strike score increased by about 5 percent and then also playing deus ex mankind divided as well as the shadow of the tomb raider at 1440p we also saw frame rates increased by between 3 to 5 fps. It was also good to see that the geforce rtx 2060 card dealt really well with the extra frequency to the GPU temperatures only rose by 1 degree, and then in terms of total noise output, this didn't even rise by a whole decibel, so again a fantastic result.

Power Consumption

power consumption

So then wrapping up this review, I think it's fair to say that geforce rtx 2060 has made a very solid nvidia rtx 2060 offering in the form of base gaming OC 60 pro. It may not be the freshest of cards in terms of both the design and the feature set, but I think it's clear nvidia rtx 2060 definitely focusing on the fundamentals that's because not only is it very fast thanks to its factory overclock, but it also runs very very cool and also very very quiet.

That does mean is 1 of the more expensive nvidia rtx 2060, though, as this one comes in at 360 pounds or 31 pounds more than the nvidia rtx 2060 nvidia founders. In addition I do think it does just about justifies the higher price type because, like we said, it is an improvement over the foundation in every way. That being said, it doesn't offer as attractive value, especially because there announcement entry-level nvidia rtx 2060 on the market for just 300 pounds.

I would also say any prospective buyer may be advised to look at Vega 56 card as well, especially as they can now be had for just 279 pounds. Like we mentioned earlier, Vega 56 is on average between 78 percent slower, but it really does depend on the title set maybe worth just looking at the specific games you play and seeing how Vega 56 compares to nvidia rtx 2060 because actually, in some instances we saw Vega 56 pull ahead of the nvidia rtx 2060 although then again in others it can be up to 13 percent slower on the whole though it is my view that the rtx 2060 is still the best mid-range card to get and while this gigabyte model does come in about 10 percent more expensive than nvidia's founder's edition is definitely a very solid all-around offering from gigabyte that runs fast it runs cool, and it runs quiet.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 vs RTX 2060 vs GTX 1060

rtx 3060 vs 1060 vs 2060

Nvidia new RTX 3060 graphics card is here, but how does it compare against the rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 from the last generation, or going back even further to the popular GTX 1060 I've compared all 3 in 12 games at 1080p 1440p and 4k resolutions to show you what the differences all.

The rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 both have six gigs of memory. The rtx 2060 is faster. The 3060 has double the memory capacity of 12 gig while also having faster memory than the 2060. The 3060 has CUDA cores than the others but interestingly less RT cores than the older 2060 though the 3060 are 2nd generation, so we'll see if this matters when testing some games with ray tracing.

PC Setup

rtx 3060 vs 1060 vs 2060

The rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 launched almost five years ago now, but they also easy to pick up second hand and, of course, cheaper than the MSRP listed here. It's also worth noting the bios on my z490 board was updated, so the 3060 was running with a resizable bar enabled. This is not currently supported by the 10 or 20 series rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 card.

All right, so with all of that in mind, let's first have a look at how these three rtx 3060 vs rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 card comparing 12 different games at three resolutions will also take a look at power draw content creator workloads pricing availability whole lack thereof afterwards.

Red Dead Redemption 2

red redemption

We can quickly see that both the rtx 3060 vs rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 offering nice gains when compared to the older 1060; however, the gap between the rtx 3060 vs rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 is small a comparatively.

At 1080p high settings, the rtx 3060 was reaching 24 percent higher average FPS compared to the rtx 2060, while the 3060 had a massive 133 percent lead over the gtx 1060, the biggest out of all 12 games at this resolution. At 1080p high settings the 3060 was reaching 24 percent higher average FPS compared to the 2060 while the 3060 had a massive 133 percent lead over the 1060 the biggest out of all 12 games at this resolution.

Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 was tested in little China with the street could life path. These results with ray tracing off we'll look at ray tracing and DLSS and the next graph.  This time the differences between the rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 were even smaller. The 3060 was 13 percent faster than the rtx 2060 at 1080p and 1440p than 19 percent ahead of 4k granted. With these frames, you'd probably want to lower the settings.

Here's how things look with RT medium preset in use with DLSS such a quality. I don't have results from the GTX 1060 here, as it doesn't have ray racing hardware, it's not able to run. The differences between the rtx 3060 vs rtx 2060 were now much more extensive. The 3060 was 39 percent had to 1080p and 65 percent to 1440p, the biggest gap between these 2 GPUs out of the 12 games tested. Hence, it looks like there might be some nice gains in terms of raytracing with 3060 over the 2060.

Control DLSS


Let's check out another title with ray tracing support and see if that's the case. Like cyberpunk control was tested with and without ray tracing, and we'll start with raytracing off results. I found this game to be heavy on the GPU, and that's especially the case given I'm testing with Max settings here both the rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 were far ahead of the 3060 here at 1080p. The rtx 3060 was 121 percent higher than the gtx 1060, an average of fps, but it only had a 19 percent lead when compared to the rtx 2060 based on this, it would appear that the 2060 was an excellent upgrade over the 1060, but the 3060 not so much of an upgrade compared to the 2060 before it.

 I'm not even considering the 2060 super, which would sit in between them. Here's how things change by enabling both ray tracing and DLSS again our results for the rtx 1060 as it doesn't have ray tracing support. The rtx 3060 is actually performing better at all three resolutions with ray tracing and DLSS compared to just running at stock which is kind of impressive stuff. The results from the 2060 or more mixed some resolutions saw gains while others lowered back a bit, ultimately resulting in the 3060 being 22 percent ahead of the rtx 2060 at 1080p and 1440p.

So slightly larger gap compared to the 19 percent difference we saw just before with ray tracing off. It's worth noting that the differences between these 2 GPUs at 4k was the most extensive scene out of all 12 titles. It's hard to say if this is the new raytracing hardware hoping, or it could just be the fact that the 3060 has doubled the VRM capacity.

The 3060 at 1080p was the only option that could deliver more than 60 FPS granted you could, of course, run with lower settings should you want to prefer a smoother experience highest settings. Generally, more GPU dependent, which is important for comparison like this, the 3060 was reaching more than twice the average FPS of the 1060 at 1440p, a big improvement, while the 3060 was only 22 percent ahead of the 2060 in the same test.

Enter your text here...



Let's see if there are any big differences. Still, esports titles Fortnite was tested with the replay feature with the exact same reply used full three graphics cards this was another whether 1 percent lowers from the 3060 could surpass it in the average FPS from the rtx 2060. The rtx 3060 was able to offer more than two times higher average frame rate when compared to the 1060 out of all three resolutions. Well, that sounds nice, and it is. As you'll see later, though, this was actually the case with most games.

CSGO was tested with the ulletical FPS benchmark and typically depends more on CPU performance than GPU the 1 percent lower difference between the 2060 and 3060 was minor at all three resolutions. The difference to average FPS was also small too, and this game saw the smallest improvement when comparing all 12 titles that I've tested.

Rainbow 6 siege


Rainbow 6 Siege was tested with the game's benchmark using Vulkan. This was another where the rtx 3060 was able to produce more than two times the frames when compared to the older gtx 1060. That's a fair difference between the rtx 3060 vs rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060.

It's just not as much of a boost. The rtx 3060 was around 22 percent faster at all resolutions battlefield five was tested in campaign mode at 1080p the rtx 3060 was reaching 21 percent higher average FPS when compared to the rtx 2060, but this increases too with 33 percent lead to 1440p that a much larger 52 percent increase at 4k is outlining that the difference increases as the resolution rises.

Second, the last game before the big comparison shadow of the tomb raider was tested with the game's benchmark. This one hadn't above average improvement with the rtx 3061 compared to the rtx 2060. Meanwhile, the rtx 3060 was reaching more than twice the average of FPS that the rtx 1060 was capable of. The Witcher 3 is a game that I've been testing the same way for about five years now, so it's a good 1 to throw in if you want to see how results compared to any of my old articles anyway that was a much smaller difference between the rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060.

Rtx 2060 vs Gtx 1060

rtx 2060 vs 1060

Here hardly worth an upgraded all though this is an older game, and both were much better when compared to the 1060. These are the differences in all 12 titles tested between the RTX 2060 and GTX 1060 at 1080p. The 3060 was almost 100 percent faster or around twice the average FPS on average, so a pretty decent boost. Most people with the gtx 1060 you're probably running around 1080p, and the games I've tested here on average, you can expect two times first with the rtx 3060. This increases to a 109 percent improvement going from gtx 1060 to rtx 3060 with the higher 1440p resolution.

The gtx 1060 is capable of 1440p in some games. It, of course, depends on the setting levels used but again, the point remains that on average more than a 2x boost can be possible with an upgrade 4K is really where the gtx 1060 aimed at, So I suppose this one is more of a science result as this resolution is loading up the GPUs nicely leading to an average 133 percent boost with an rtx 3060.

RTX 3060 vs RTX 2060

rtx 3060 vs 1060

Now let's look at how the 2060 vs 3060 compare at 1080p the rtx 3060 was 22 percent had on average so much smaller difference compared to the older gtx1060 but of course, varies by the game, but for the most part, I think this is a pretty small difference things increase at 1440p with a 3060 now on average around 27 percent faster than the rtx 2060.

In the selection of games it depends on the title, but some like cyberpunk so small differences that is with ray tracing off with ray tracing enabled the rtx 3060 seems to happen nice lead over the rtx 2060 at least in this game.

As the control result with ray tracing on was more in line with the rest of the games, this changes at 4k though, the top 2 results of raytracing tests. It's hard to say how much of this improvement is solely due to raytracing hardware upgrades with the 30 series and how much may be due to the rtx 3060 having double the VRM, as that's going to be pretty important at this high resolution I've got a dedicated RTX test soon though so stay tuned.

Power Draw

power draw

Despite performing better in control at 4K, the RTX 3060 was actually using slightly less power than the rtx 2060 though the two work hour the 1060 is using less power. Still, the 3060 was also reaching 236 percent higher average of FPS in this test. Basically, the RTX 3060 is winning here in terms of performance, but what I saw was capable of hitting higher FPS while drawing a little less power in the same system.

I haven't tested thermal here as all of my graphics cards have different cooling designs, so that temperatures will vary. Due to this, it just wouldn't be a fair comparison. Now let's check out the differences in content creator workloads followed by pricing afterwards. This software seems to be fairly GPU heavy though the differences were far smaller when compared to the games just covered. 

Adobe Premier


Adobe premier was also tested with the Puget systems benchmark; however, the GPU seems to be less of a factor here. The rtx 2060 vs gtx 1060 was scoring very close together, and the RTX 3060 was scoring around 25 percent higher than the gtx 1060.

It was a different story in the V-Ray benchmark though, the rtx 3060 was reaching a 25 percent high score compared to the gtx 1060 in the Cuds test, or 46 percent higher compared to the rtx 2060. V-Ray also offers a ray tracing test, and the rtx 3060 was around 60 percent higher in this one, shown by the darker purple bars.

The rtx 3060 was 237 percent faster than the gtx 1060 and the more extended classroom test, or 112 percent ahead of the rtx 2060, more than two times faster, So they can be some big differences between the rtx 2060 and rtx 3060 outside of gaming.

Pricing and Availability

Now let's discuss the price. According to nvidia RTX 3060 is launching with an MSRP of $$$ US dollars good luck with that based on the shortages and high prices of all the GPUs at the moment that just seems pretty unlikely cortex is reported prices closer to $$$ prior to launch.

Unfortunately, I'm making this article prior to launch, so I haven't been able to confirm, but you can check out updated prices with the below down the button, of course, assuming that's actually stock.

The rtx 2060 had a more expensive $$$ MSRP when it launched in 2019, but checking Newegg and sorting from lowest well, let's just say things aren't looking good day at all even second-hand gtx 1060 are currently on eBay for around $$$.

Comparison - Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 vs GTX 2060

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
Price$ 159.0$ 349.0190 (119%)
Year201620193 (0%)
Maximum Recorded Temperature76C72C4 (5%)
Max Fan Noise47.1dB45.6dB1.5 (3%)
Recommended Power Supply470W500W30 (6%)
Benchmark CPU Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00GHz ($334.99)Intel Core i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz ($369.89)
CPU Impact on FPS+0.0 FPS+0.0 FPS0 (0%)
CPU Impact on FPS %0.0%0.0%0 (0%)
Benchmark Quality Settings Ultra Quality SettingsUltra Quality Settings
Average 1080p Performance67.0 FPS107.8 FPS40.8 (61%)
Average 1440p Performance48.4 FPS76.4 FPS28 (58%)
(Ultrawide) Average 1440p Performance41.3 FPS65.1 FPS23.8 (58%)
Average 4K Performance28.8 FPS45.3 FPS16.5 (57%)
Memory6 GB6 GB0 (0%)
1080p Cost Per Frame$ 3.8$ 3.30.5 (13%)
1440p Cost Per Frame$ 5.3$ 4.60.7 (13%)
(Ultrawide) 1440p Cost Per Frame$ 6.2$ 5.40.8 (13%)
4K Cost Per Frame$ 8.8$ 7.71.1 (12%)
Variant NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GBNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
Overall Combination Score 80/10087/1007 (9%)

Pros And Cons


  • The RTX 2060 was a 68 percent higher score compared to the older gtx 1060. 
  • Native ray tracing this one is main feature of rtx 2060 and this feature can optimize shadow and texture during the long hours of gaming sessions, and also provide lighting effects that promise images make more sharp and clearance. nvidia has more model but this features can only provide high quality models. if you are pro gamer or streamer this one is for you.
  • Also RTX 2060 has DLSS technology that uses artificial intelligence to better images and nvidia promise this feature can improve your image quality without losing performance.


  • I have tested the adobe premier the result is very amazing, GTX 3060 is higher score than RTX 2060. RTX 2060 still has a high price in the market.
  • RTX 2060 super which is higher than RTX 20260 you can Find both model in online shopping store with super high price.

Frequently Ask Question

How good is a RTX 2060?

Performance: our test, it does beat the rtx 2060 founder edition in every single benchmark, and it performs on average 4 percent faster. it provide 4k gaming at 30 fps at our benchmarks. another Interesting point of comparison I tested Vega 56, which is on average fps higher than this RTX 1060.

Is the RTX 2060 outdated?

Its not discontinued but production has been stopped. But the big feature of the RTX series is real-time ray tracing.

Why is RTX 2060 so cheap?

RTX 2060 is not a cheap, but its entry level card its not to be designed for pro gamer, if you are pro gamer or streamer then this card is not for you, they use only whose create content writing and video editor.

Is RTX 2060 good for warzone?

Yes, you can play it for 2 to 3 hour of gaming session without losing performance but as i already told you if you are pro gamer then this card is not for you.

Should I get a 2060 or not?

Nvidia RTX 2060 is an brilliant GPU if you are gamer you are looking gaming at 1080p or 1440p, its can run easily on 100 fps in most modern games at the high resolution settings.

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