Best Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 VS RTX 2080 ti Review 2021

rtx 3080

Today's the day all of us have been waiting for nvidia is launching the rtx 3080 graphics cards, so from today on, there will be brand new graphics cards available in the market with a brand new design, brand new features, and most importantly, more performance now we've all seen the video from genesis kitchen a few weeks ago. We heard all about how much better these new cards are supposed to be, but it is always hard to completely believe that until you know, you put it on the bench and start seeing those numbers for yourself right.

I am just going to go right ahead here and spoil this article for you guys. He was not wrong, but next to do is pure performance numbers. There's actually a lot of other things that we need to talk about this time. We have to touch the state of RTX and DLSS as the performance difference between using an Intel or AMD CPU the impact of this GeForce RTX 3080 on streaming on Esports and competitive FPS games there's the new 12 pin power cable and the new power supply requirements that are actually quite important to know, and there is an entirely new cooler design which is very interesting but also might not work as well in every case.

So if you own an ITX gaming rig, you might want to stay tuned here, so basically, I'm going to try to cover all the important details that you will need to know before going out and buying 1 of these cars for yourself and trust me you will want to buy one.

Now Today, I'll be going over this new founders addition RTX 3080 from nvidia, which will cost you $$ in the US or euros in the Europe, and I'll be covering a few partner card starting tomorrow, so if you're interested in those that make sure you're visit to my website, so you don't miss a thing, and since this is going to be a pretty long article I will chop it up into excellent little chapters and listed in the top side. So you can just jump to the parts that. You're actually interested in and skip the ones that you don't really feel like watching today.

Design - GeForce RTX 3080


Design-wise I don't think the pictures and renders we've seen so far really do it justice. It is much more impressive in real life. It is heavy and really well built. It is made completely out of metal with a lot of surface area to help the pulling, and the finish is just beautiful. I'm sure that this design will cost nvidia rtx 3080 more than most other board partner coolers. The focus point of the new design is fan configuration. Here we have the left fan, which is more traditional looking that is pushing air out through the expansion slots like any blower-style cooler wood, and we have the second fan that is actually pulling air up through the heat sink and out the other way, so it requires your PC case to get rid of that heat.

So you know, it's basically a mix between a blower cooler and an open cooler. There are some new features on the rtx 3080 itself. HDMI ports are now 2.1, which will let us connect high refresh rate, 4K monitor. Still, it LG new 4K. kind of the 20 hertz OLE TV for example, that I'm actually testing right now, so keep an eye out for that one on my blog, or even you can go for an 8K monitor.

If you want to, HDMI 2.1 is pretty rare to see on a monitor, but that was because there was no HDMI to form 1 PC's and now with these new rtx 3080 graphics card as well as the new consoles, there was support HDMI 2.1 I do expect we'll finally see more monitors implementing this as well. The second thing is then your 12-pin power connector which is surprisingly tiny and definitely more attractive than having two traditional eight-pin headers now,

At least if you did have to use the adapter that nvidia includes in the box. This adapter just means that you can use it on your current power supply, but it does look a bit bulky, and it's not really that great for your typical cable management, so ideally, you will want to get a new cable like the one I have from seasonic.

But I'm pretty sure that other brands will launch similar cables as well, so make sure you get one that fits your power supply. Now I hear a lot of criticism here and there about the new adapter design, and I know that it's not perfect yet, but I'm actually quite happy that nvidia rtx 3080 is taking this, let's call it a first step. I do hope these smaller, more elegant cables will become a new standard for all power supplies, and we'll get more GPUs using it in the future, so in a way, in the long run, we'll all end up with better-looking systems overall, so again, it is not perfect now, and you do have to deal with the adapter and the extra cables, but he does have so much potential in my opinion.

What Makes the RTX 3080 or RTX 2080 ti Faster?

rtx 3080

Let's move on to the chipset It has more GPU cores than previous models, which means more performance overall a new and improved RT and tensor cores mean that games that are using RTX and dlss should get even bigger performance gains, but the new chips should be more efficient as well, thanks to a move from a 12-nanometer TSMC process to a Samsung 8 centimeter one and we're also getting newer faster memory in the form of a gddr6.

In pretty much every single way, we are looking at a straight-up upgrade over the last generation of RTX cards. I will be comparing the new rtx 3080 to both RTX 2080 super founders edition and the RTX 2080 ti, which was the fastest GPU on the market until now, and I'm going to be using the factory overclocked 2080ti as well because I actually don't have the founders edition if you are still on a GTX 1080ti remembered that it'll be slightly slower than the 2080 super you will see in the graph here.

Anything below that's just what even comes close to what we're looking at today for testing. I'm using my Intel i9 10900K rig because it actually performed better than the Ryzen 9 3950X rig, and that is a separate story in a very long one too, so I will make a separate article talking about Intel vs AMD CPUs with this RTX 3080, but the short story is that even though the rtx 3080 supports PCIe Gen 4 which is only found on AMD's platform just pure gaming performance is still better with an Intel CPU.

If you look at the graphs, you can see a clear pattern here the RTX 3080 is consistently outperforming the much more expensive RTX 2080 ti by a very lovely margin, with the similarly priced at 2080 super way behind it. The most important thing to note here is how objectively good the results on a 4K resolution are the RTX 3080 averages around 25 percent faster than the RTX 2080 ti and around 60 percent faster than the 2080 super, which is just insane and, more importantly, all games can actually be played at 4K resolution and over 60 FPS consistently on high settings.

Borderlands 3, for example, went from 43 FPS on 2080 to 55 on the 2080 ti and now to 75 with an rtx 3080, and that is actually a huge jump in how smooth the game will even feel the 2080 ti the final 4K but sometimes came just a bit short without lowering the settings well this. rtx 3080 doesn't completely comfortably.

1440 Gaming Performance - RTX 3080 VS RTX 2080 ti

rtx 3080

1440 is sort of similar where the rtx 3080 ends up around 20 percent faster than the rtx 2080 ti on average, or just under 50 percent faster than the 2080 super, which is another really big jump well a lot of people didn't have or wants to spend $1200 on a 2080 ti quality gamers can now get a $700 GPU they will play everything at the very highest of settings with high frame rates and they can finally make good use of those high refresh rate 1440p monitors.

So even before talking about any of the other extra features, just a straight-up performance increase makes this nvidia 3080 a massive deal for both 4K and 1440p gamers. Now looking at the 1080p results, the gap between the 20 and the 30 series is smaller, with the nvidia 3080 averaging around 15 percent faster than the factory OC 2080 ti and around 35 percent faster than the 2080 super.

Competitive Gaming - RTX 3080 VS RTX 2080 ti

rtx 3080

The percentage varies per game as only certain games are starting to get CPU limited far cry 5, for example, shows basically no difference between the three cards at 1080p ultra, but other games like borderlands three or rtx titles like metro or control still showed big improvements here. But to be honest, mine is $700 GPU for 1080 monitored doesn't really make a lot of sense in many ways, but there is one exception, though, and that is competitive gaming. Well, we definitely see some diminishing returns in the lightest of games on 1080p like CSGO or like overwatch and so on.

The nvidia 3080 here still outperforms 2080 super and the 2080 ti in those games, and if you look at the call of duty wars zones, for example, the difference is actually pretty significant, so if you're competing at a serious level where a single frame can make the difference between winning or losing a game and you already have a high refresh rate 240Hz or even more monitored you will actually see a big benefit from using this new card.

Also, that’s you make sure to watch my AMD versus intel guide that's coming out soon. While we are as competitive gaming, it is actually worth mentioning that nvidia 3080 is focusing on another new feature called nvidia reflex, which is meant to bring down to the latency while gaming, so getting more frames is one thing getting each frame to monitor faster is even more important to have a that competitive advantage.

It looks is not unique to this new card, but it's actually supported on nine series cards and newer, so even if you have an older GTX card, you'll still get this feature, but if you don't do super competitive shooters and you like your games to look pretty and realistic instead you will care more about ray tracing after a pretty rough start to 2 years ago with no game supporting it, and a huge performance penalty for does that did things have improved a little bit now we have around two dozen games that do support which is you know still not a lot, but it's going in the right direction and with big titles like Fortnight and cyberpunk joining in as well as the new console supporting ray tracing we can finally call it a feature that is you know worth thinking about.

Ray Tracing - Geforce RTX 3080

rtx 3080

From a performance perspective, them things do look a bit better as well. All the nvidia RTX 3080 titles I've tested now will actually run on 4 K with nvidia 3080 enabled and over 60 FPS, so technically, with this 3080, some games look better with smoother frame rates at any resolution. But there is a catch, and that is that games that rely heavily on ray tracing also rely on DLSS upscaling tech to keep them playable nvidia RTX 3080 marketing is focused really on RTX part. The shiny graphics in my slides, but in my opinion, DLSS is the real MVP here.

It allows games to render at a low resolution leading to much higher frame rates and then uses AI to, you know, fill in the remaining pixels now. The concept itself is pretty DLSS says has gotten so good that in most games, it has become indistinguishable from a native 4K render. In some games like tomb raider, you actually cannot turn on nvidia 3080 without also turning on DLSS.

The dlss gains basically hide the nvidia RTX 3080 performance hit in other games like control. For example, we can see the impact of dlss on its own, and while it's really nice that I can play control on 4K with nvidia 3080 and dlss at over 60 FPS, I would still get almost 40 FPS more if I only had the dlss on instead. So even with these new and improved RT course on this new card, you still pay a chunky performance price for the more superior light and nicer reflections.

Nvidia Broadcast

rtx 3080

But you know at the end of the day, you have an option to decide for yourself what you prefer. Here are six on or higher frame rates. It is also introducing a broadcast feature which is basically the next version of Nvidia RTX 3080 voice allowing you to also filter out the background noise around you as well as the sounds from other people talking to you. So I remembered that one option with a lot of mechanical keyboards that you know keeps annoying you all the time all gaming, you can now easily filter out his background noise instead.

It is really simple to use, and it's actually surprisingly effective but is also an early version so you can apply idea fact to all sounds you hear from one device, but it's not like you can enable it for one friend on discord, and you can disable it for another at the same time.

It also has a webcam told that so you could use to remove your background to a completely without using a green screen a leading only you yourself and your gaming chair in view still not perfect especially around glasses and if you move around a lot but remember that most green screen setups are the perfect either now if you have us set up with great lighting and excellent camera and a great green screen it looks much better. However, for beginners at or casual streamers without the right setup, this actually looks promising, and it works quite well.

For me personally, I like an excellent soft background behind a streamer, and you can now use broadcast to blur it a bit instead, of course, it won't be the proper depth of an expensive camera set up, but it does give you a nice and the soft background that is actually pretty acceptable. Now broadcast is also still in beta, meaning that there aren't that many options to play around with, but even in this current state, it is still worth experimenting here and there. But what about content creators? I was really curious to see if upgrading my own nvidia 3080 would improve my performance in adobe premiere, which I use to edit videos but actually didn't notice much of a difference.

Software Performance GeForce RTX 3080

rtx 3080

Now working in the application itself didn't feel different because the older cards already did fine. On the render time of only 1 of my videos, I only saved about half a minute no the Nvidia RTX 3080 was faster but not enough to justify buying a new GPU for that use only now do keep in mind this is just for my own workflow, which is not that advanced. It's basically, you know, cutting and pasting clips a bit of recoloring and a couple of like defects and a couple of layers, so it is possible that with heavier effects, results may vary, and it is also possible that if you work in result, there might be a larger impact.

Well, I personally didn't see a huge performance difference in adobe premiere when it comes to gaming. This new nvidia 3080 just crushed it; I know at least some of you assume that nvidia GeForce rtx 3080 would do this by letting the new GPU draw a lot more power than before, but it's actually not the case here.

So the nvidia GeForce rtx 3080 does use more power than the 2080 super, but it actually uses less than my 2080 ti wellbeing considerably faster. It actually sticks really close to the tdp specs of 320 watts, and if I look at a whole system my test rig with the i9, we usually pull around 400 to 420 watts of power from the wall while gaming and, depending on the game of course with occasional spikes around 600 watts, so a proper a quality 650-watt power supply for more is what you want to be looking out for your new setup.

If you want to overclock your high-end CPU or GPU, consider an excellent 750-watt unit at the very least; on the other hand, the Ryzen 9 rig quickly pulled 500 watts in some games, so a good 650 watt PSU is also recommended or get a bigger one if you want to do some overclocking.

Thermal And Noise GeForce RTX 3080

While 320 watts is not bad considering the performance, it is still a lot of heat that you need to deal with, and the new nvidia geforce rtx 3080 GPU cooler handles that really well. in a stress test, I got 75 degrees on an open test bench with the noise level of only 38.8 decibels at 50 centimeters distance which is actually fairly quiet I cannot tell you how the founders edition compares to the aftermarket cards yet,

but you can guess that these thermal results and the factory boost speed will really put a lot of pressure on cards from Asus MSI gigabyte and so on especially because those friends will really struggle to compete with nvidia geforce rtx 3080 when it comes to price if you plan to use this cooler in any typical tower case that can handle a 2080ti.

You shouldn't have any problems at all; however, in some specific cases, this nvidia geforce rtx 3080 might not work as well to prove that I grab my NZXT H1, Which is a really good small case for many reasons, but the GPU is positioned in such a way that divides fan is stuck against a closed piece of metal, and the left fan is blowing air down against the table.

Now well, gaming with that 380 in the H1 GPU attempts went up to 85 degrees, and the parts started to throttle. The fan started blowing really hard, and the GPU slow down to around 1725 megahertz.

Key Specs and Features- GeForce RTX 3080 VS RTX 2080 ti

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 ti
Price$ 699.0$ 1,187.0488 (70%)
Year202020182 (0%)
Maximum Recorded Temperature79C83C4 (5%)
Max Fan Noise47.7dB49.2dB1.5 (3%)
Recommended Power Supply700W600W100 (14%)
Benchmark CPU Intel Core i9-10900K ($590)Intel Core i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz ($369.89)
CPU Impact on FPS+0.0 FPS+0.0 FPS0 (0%)
CPU Impact on FPS %0.0%0.0%0 (0%)
Benchmark Quality Settings Ultra Quality SettingsUltra Quality Settings
Average 1080p Performance232.4 FPS161.4 FPS71 (31%)
Average 1440p Performance173.0 FPS123.6 FPS49.4 (29%)
(Ultrawide) Average 1440p Performance148.7 FPS106.6 FPS42.1 (28%)
Average 4K Performance105.0 FPS75.6 FPS29.4 (28%)
Memory10 GB11 GB1 (10%)
1080p Cost Per Frame$ 3.0$ 8.15.1 (170%)
1440p Cost Per Frame$ 4.0$ 10.56.5 (162%)
(Ultrawide) 1440p Cost Per Frame$ 4.7$ 12.27.5 (160%)
4K Cost Per Frame$ 6.7$ 17.210.5 (157%)
Variant NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
Overall Combination Score 65/10066/1001 (2%)

Pros And Cons


  • We talk about the design, It is much more impressive in real life. It is huge and really well developed. It is built completely out of metal with a lot of surface area to help the pulling, and the ending is just gorgeous.
  • Then we talk about the chipset the nvidia promises it has much GPU cores than as compared to previous models, which mean we will see overall improves RT and Tensor Cores that means you will be improve your gaming performance and also improve shadow and texture, but the new chips should be more efficient as well.
  • If you want to use the adapter Nvidia will give you adapter in the box. This mean you can use it adapter at current power supply.
  • Geforce NVidia RTX 2080 and better gaming performance than the GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition that is plus point. RTX 2080 run very efficient and smooth and also if you play at 1080p it runs very smooth without any lag.
  • We talk about Control, With RTX on and DLSS enabled the performance of RTX 3080 is 26 percent faster than RTX 2080 ti at 1080p compared to 6 percent with RTX off. The difference  are nowhere as big at 1440p and 4K though for instance at 4K in this test, the RTX 3080 is 35% ahead of the RTX 2080 ti.


  • if you long hours of gaming session at 1080p and 1440p but unfortunately the RTX 3080 less performance at 4k resolutions. Not much overclocking.

Frequently Ask Question

How much faster is the 3080 than the 2080 TI?

We test the shadow of the tomb raider, the RTX 2080 ti was still delivering 60 FPS in this test with highest setting press at 4K but the good thing is that RTX 3080 has a nice 26% lead. The difference is course lower at lower resolution, the RTX 3080 has still 22 percent decent higher average frame rate at 1440p but its 10% ahead at 1080p.

Is RTX 3080 future proof?

I have tested metro exodus with the games benchmark tools, this test saw some of the smallest differences out of 11 titles tested. At 4K the RTX 3080 faster, and this was the lowest result at the resolution, then 1080p the RTX 3080 11 percent ahead as compared to RTX 2080, the RTX 2080 was not designed for those people whose play gaming at 4K resolution, even you can't play ultra high setting at stable 60 fps games.

Lets Decide - Which is Better RTX 3080 Or RTX 2080 ti

So if you're looking at an unusual case designed that will close off the second fan, this nvidia geforce rtx 3080 cards just won't do, and you will have to get something else, and I think that was enough for one day. I am sorry for making such a long article. At least the conclusion will be pretty short. I really like the new nvidia geforce rtx 3080.

I like the performance of it I like the new design a like new features and in the end, nothing on the market today comes close to what this has to offer at any price 2080 lunch they got a lot of criticism for not being faster than the 1080 ti, and while the 2080 ti performed really well, it was just way too expensive. Now, this 3080 is making a huge jump over to 2080 ti with enough performance to really play all games at 4K resolution on Max settings or quad HD resolution with everything turned up, and high refresh rates interplay titles.

You get all that for $700. It is just a huge step forward for high-end PC gaming. In my opinion, the given 3090 is coming up next week, but it will cost more than twice as much and definitely won't be anywhere near twice as fast, and I know some of you will buy it anyway just because it's faster we can safely assume that this nvidia geforce rtx 3080 will be the ultimate gaming GPU for anyone who is you know super-rich.

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