Best Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Review 2021

rtx 3060

We are checking out NVIDIA's latest GPU, the rtx 3060, announced last month as part of CES 2021. The nvidia 3060 is the newest ampere GPU to hit the market, and it is also meant to be the cheapest with an MSRP of 3060 graphics card price 200 something pounds. But as I think we can all probably guess by now, I really don't expect pricing to be out at that point, at least not anytime soon.

However, I do want to focus on that side of things at the minute so let's get back to the GPU. As you probably know, there's no founder edition for the nvidia 3060, so today, we're checking out the gigabytes gaming OC model. I also think it's worth recapping some key specs of this GPU, as it has been over a month since the initial announcement. First things first, then nvidia 3060is using a brand new GPU known as GA 106. This house 28 SM, and there are 128 cubicles per SM, and that gives us a grand total of 3584.

Alongside that, we find 112 tensor cores, 28 RT cores, 48 ropes as well as 112 texture units. A lot has also been made about the 12 gigabytes of GDDR 6 memory which is obviously more than both the rtx 3060 ti the rtx 3070 ti and even the rtx 3080.

Test Setup and Driver Detail

The key thing to remember, though, is that it uses a narrower way interface at 192 bits. This means with the memory clocked at 15 gigabits per second, we get total memory bandwidth at 360 gigabytes a second, so that's about 20 percent lower than the rtx 3060 ti as for clock speed, the reference boost clock is 1777 megahertz, but as we have the gaming OC this is a bit higher at 1837 megahertz well we also have a total graphics power rating over 170 walks which is the same but the gaming OC and the reference spec.

I really do want to dive into the testing as soon as possible I was always all of our benchmarks we used our regular GPU test system, which was provided to us by PC specialist this consists of on i9 10 900K running at 5.1 gigahertz across all cores we've paired that with the Asus Rog Maximus 12 hero motherboards and there's also 32 gigabytes, of course, a corsair vengeance DDR 4 memory clocks at 3600 megahertz for this review we are presenting completely fresh data for all of our comparison GPUs which have spent the last week or so testing, and that was done with latest drivers.

So for AMD, that was with the adrenaline 20.2.2 driver. For Nvidia, that was with the full 61.40 drivers for all of our testing today for the rtx 3060 nvidia provided press with the 461.6 full drivers. The very final thing I would say before we get to the benchmarks is that in this guide, I'm going to be focusing on 1080p and 1440 performance. I did, however, test 4K, so if you want to see that data as well as all of our benchmark you want of read those in your own time, be sure to check out the written articles on

Dirt 5 Rtx 3060

Dirt 5 is the next game up, and at 1080p, we are looking at a 22 percent uplift for the rtx3060 when compared to its predecessor. We can also see it is 5 percent faster than the RX 5700 xt in this AMD sponsor title. Still, it is also a 6% slower than the RX 5700 xt. One thing we come to know, though, is that rtx3060 scales better against those and the AMD GPU as we step up to the 1440p resolution that is 10 percent faster than the RX 5700 and now just 4 percent behind the RX 5760 xt versus the RTX 2060 we're still looking at a 22 percent difference in the 3060 favor.

Division 2 Rtx 3060

Moving on now to the division 2 frame, rates are generally higher in this game. In most of the other games we test, and we can see an average of 108 FPS at 1080p. This puts the rtx 3060 necks and neck with the rx 5700 xt while it is also a 10 percent improvement over the rtx 2060 super compared to the vanilla 2060 with talking another 21 percent FPS increase.

The 3060 rtx plays very smoothly at 1440p as we see an average frame rate of 71 FPS that makes the 3060 rtx 18 percent faster than the rx 5700, and this was 27 percent faster than the rtx 2060, and that's 1 of the most significant margins we will see between those 2 GPUs frame rates get even higher in f1 2020 with the rx 3060 almost managing 140 FPS at 1080p.

This puts it above both the rtx 2060 super and rx 5700, but it is 9 percent lower than the Rx 5700 xt. As you'd expect from this game, performance is still excellent at 1440p, with the average frame rate holding above 100 FPS scaling against the rtx 5700 5700 xt hasn't changed either, but the rtx 3060 is now 22 percent faster than the rtx 2060.

Gears 5 Nvidia 3060

Gears 5 now is a lot tougher on the GPU than the f1 2020 and 1080p. We see 85 FPS on average for the rtx 3060. Despite this being an AMD-sponsored title, this makes the 3060 rtx 10 percent faster than the RX 5700, and it's only just behind the rtx 5700 xt.

Against the RTX 2060, we're looking at an extra 23 percent performance up at 1440p the RTX 3060 scales even better as it is now 2 percent faster than the RX 5760 xt. I'm still 13 percent ahead of the RX 5700. Performance is also improved by 25 percent against the RTX 2060.

Metro Exodus Nvidia 3060

As metro exodus, this title turns the tide back towards the 3060 rtx as it 1080p it is level with the rtx 5700 xt but 12 percent faster than the rtx 5700. We're looking at another 21 percent boost versus the rtx 2060. That GPU scaling is also pretty consistent when we step up to 1440p as the 3060 is still fractionally ahead over the rtx 5700.  We can also see it coming 8 percent faster than the RTX 2060 super.

Next week come to red dead redemption two, and this is another game where we see strong performance from the 3060 rtx, averaging precisely 60 FPS at 1080p. The rtx 3060 is 20 percent faster than the Rx 5700 here, and that is pretty impressive.

We can also see it is 3 percent ahead of the rtx 5700 xt and 22 percent faster than the rtx 2060 up at 1440p. I would say that red dead two still very playable, with the rtx 3060 averaging just under 50 FPS that makes it even 20 percent faster than the RX 5700, and it's also 4 percent ahead of the RX 5700 XT.

Total War Sega

Second, to last on our games list, now we come to total war saga Troy this dx 11.2 sees the 3060 rtx once more head of the RX 5700 by a decent margin which is 13 percent at 1080p we can also see this new ampere GPU is basically on power with the RTX 5700. Compared to the rtx 2060, however, the scaling isn't as impressive here as the ampere GPU is just 16 percent faster than its predecessor. Thankfully that does improve as we step up to 1440p as the objects rtx 3060 is on 19 percent faster than the rtx 2060.

As its average is 56 FPS is still just about faster than the rtx 5700 and our final game of the day then is watchdog legion. The results here are fascinating as at 1080. The nvidia 3060 is absolutely pumped by the rtx 5700 as it comes in 15 percent slower it's also just behind the rx 5700, and do remember this is actually an nvidia sponsored title at 1440p. The nvidia 3060 does catch up somewhat but is still 9 percent slower than the 5700 xt versus the rtx 2060; however, we're looking at a 32 percent Gen on Gen improvement.


Which is the biggest difference between the 2 GPUs across all of our games at 1440p, so that is it fall individual game benchmarks. Still, we're going to be take a look at the big picture overview with the average frame rate child looking first at the 1080p average performance the 3060 rtx pretty neatly between the rtx 5700 and the 5700 xt.

 It's 5 percent slower than the rtx 5700 xt and 8 percent faster than the rtx 5700. We can also see that compares to the rtx 2060, super is on average 7 percent more quickly, and we see a 21 percent difference between the RTX 3060 and the RTX 2060 as for 1440p.

The 3060 rtx is definitely viable out of this resolution, provided you don't mind dropping below 60 FPS in certain titles. Here we can see the rtx 3060 is on average 3 percent slower than the rx 5700 xt and 10 percent faster than the rx 5700.

Cost Per Frame

It also extends its lead over the rtx 2060 to 25 percent next up. We do also have a cost per frame data using the launch MSRP. I am going to show this but really only for academic purposes as I want to put a big disclaimer obviously GPUs MSRP is just not a thing at the minute, so what only really looking at the small for interest sake to see if the normal world what the cost per frame would so do bear that in mind as we look at these figures.

So if you could find GPUs at MSRP and the RTX 3060 cost 299 pounds, it would offer a 25 percent reduction in cost per frame compared to the RTX 2060, which certainly isn't bad. It's not quite as competitive as the 3060 ti, but it's not far off.

However, gigabyte did actually tell us that the MSRP for the gaming OC model is going to be 429 pounds which is obviously very high but to be fair to gigabyte, I think they are just being realistic in the current climate. If we factor in that pricing cost per frame is clearly fall less competitive and is actually worse than the RTX 2060. Like I said, though, I wouldn't put too much stock into cost per fame these days just because of all the pricing being very volatile as a result of almost no availability.

Ray-Tracing Benchmark

The next area to look at is the very small matter of raytracing with 28 RT cores for the rtx3060 we're going to go back and look at control metro exodus and watchdogs legion to see what sort of raytracing experience you get with the rtx3060 starting with control at 1080p then the performance here with ray-traced effects set to high is certainly respectable averaging 54 FPS at times of peak that's a 39 percent reduction in fps compared to playing without raytracing though, but that is, of course, the option to enable DLSS 2.0 out and regain that lost performance. We can also see the rtx3060 that's just behind the rtx 2070 super which manages 55 FPS with raytracing enabled. Next up is a metro exodus, which uses ray tracing global illumination.

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