Best PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 XT Red Dragon OC Review

PowerColor Red dragon

We're taking a look at power colors rx 6800 xt red dragon. This is sort of their fall over their mid-range offering seats between the fight at which you've already looked at and the radeon 6800 xt devil. We've only looked at the RX 6800 xt devil, not the 6800 devils but yeah, you get the idea of really came to look at this particular model because historically, the dragon series has been a very popular as an office behind what performance at or very near the base MSRP which I suppose right now is not super relevant.

But anyway, typically good value product hopefully one day this will be a good value product of-course MSRP mains absolutely nothing these days. I have always forgotten what the radio rx 6800 xt MSRP is even meant to be, and I think $$$ US if I recall correctly. And this is why this review is going up now and not three months ago when I actually got the amd radeon rx 6800. Basically, I have been holding off hoping availability and pricing with improved and, as you are no doubt, painfully aware.

It hasn't still rather leave this thing sitting at the box on my floor for another three months. Let's just check it out see if it's actually worth buying. When you can see, as usual, I'll start by taking a look around the amd radeon rx 6800, then the type of cool or offer a close look at the PCB in the cooler itself and, of course, then we'll jump into the graphs.

Closely look RX 6800 XT

rx 6800 xt

The radeon 6800 xt dragon is a fairly basic-looking 6800 xt price graphics card nothing too flashy he'd thought it does manage to look quite aggressive in terms of dimensions. The amd radeon rx 6800 measures 310 millimetres long, 135 millimetres tall, and is 54 millimetres wide, so quite a large triple-slot design then. Yeah, those dimensions do make it a little bit longer, taller and wider than the amd 6800 xt fighter, and as such, it weighs 30 percent more at 1446 grams sometimes, a white it is certainly getting up there.

On the front side of the 6800 xt price, you'll find a black plastic fan shroud housing a trio fan. The outer fans measure 100 millimetres in diameter. In contrast, the centrally located fan is a 90-millimetre model, all of which have spin in the same direction, now giving the shot a bit of flare. Some crime rings around the out of fans, and I think it does look quite good.

I did for a little extra bling pal colors included a red LED backlit dragon logo on the side of the amd 6800 xt you'll also find a pair of 8 pin PCI power connectors here as well then moving around to the backside of the amd radeon rx 6800 we find a full-length aluminum backplate featuring a few cut out at the end. That allows air to pass through interestingly PowerColor has spaced the backplate quite far from the PCB 4 millimetres in fact, and that's about double what we normally say this will help with airflow between the PCB and the backplate there it means using thermal pads he to extract heat from the PCB weren't really be an option.

Finally, around on the IO panel, we have a single HDMI 2.1 port along with 3 DisplayPort 1.4 outputs. Yeah, unlike the fighter, which had a button for switching the boss on the IO panel, the radeon 6800 xt red dragon uses the more traditional PC base, which will have to access from inside the PC case. So that's an external look around the radeon 6800 xt red dragon. I'm going to say it is an aggressive-looking radeon 6800 xt card. At the same time, it is also somewhat minimalistic looking as well. Anyway, it's now time to take the thing apart; I will stop by looking at the cooler.

Amd RX 6800 XT Tear Down

rx 6800 xt

PowerColor cooling the GPU GDDR6 and if they aren't components with a single heatsink meaning there's no additional heat sinks or heat spreaders on the amd radeon rx 6800, so this does keep things very simple the cooler is made up of 2 main banks of aluminum fins there are 7 to 6mm copper heat pipes in total and a large copper base for making contact with the GPU and GDDR6 memory in total the cooler weighs 1001 grams, and that includes the fans and fan shroud.

Now moving away from the cool, we found the backplate, which is fairly heavy at 147 grams, and as noted earlier, due to the largest spacing between the backplate and PCB, PowerColor hasn't been out of using the more pads which would see the backplate used as a heat spreader. So the backlight is just that it's a backplate. It does help protect the result of the PCB, though, and it will also add in reducing PCB flex as it is quite thick.

Then over on the 250 millimetres long PCB, we find a pretty basic VRM configuration ten power stages for the GPU and 3 for the GDDR6 memory, where is the ideal reference amd radeon rx 6800 card uses a 12 plus three configuration PowerColor has cut that down to 10 plus 3 though to be fair the reference code is very robust so that should work just fine. However, it is worth noting the power color does use 70 amp Infineon power stages.

Clock Specification RX 6800 XT

rx 6800 xt

Now in terms of clock specifications, by default account operates a boost clock frequency of 2170 megahertz, which say 3% factory every factory OC and if you switch to the silent bars, the boost frequency is reduced to 2140 megahertz that as expected, both options run the standard 16 gigabits per second memory.

Test Game RX 6800 XT

rx 6800 xt

Now playing shadow of the tomb raider for 30 minutes so the radeon 6800 xt peak at 76 degrees the 21-degree room inside the course obsidian 500 days fully populated with fans that are 12 degrees cooler than the ID reference radeon 6800 xt card though it is worth noting the radeon 6800 xt red dragon sips power using 20 what's less than the amd 6800 xt reference model which was surprising to say and explains why this model runs are cool.

Even more impressive was the fact that the cheapest temperature with a fence made of just 1100 RPM making the amd 6800 xt extremely quiet at just 31 decibels compared to 32 decibels for the amd 6800 xt reference model.

The typical core clock spacing during our testing was 2225 megahertz, and they saw the power consumption for just the graphics card hit 226 watts, so again that's about 20 watts less than the amd 6800 xt reference model.

Overclock States 

Now for overclocking with the limits reached, we saw a peak operating temperature of 76 degrees. Still, we saw no change in fan speed, so another very impressive result this overclock saw the cores operate at 2340 megahertz on average. The memory also hit 17.1 gigabits per second which is the current limit enforced by amd 6800 xt. Finally, whenever clocked, the amd radeon rx 6800 sucked down just 236 watts which is less than what the power color fighter used out of the box, so very interesting that anyway.

Benchmarks Score 

rx 6800 xt

Let's move into the benchmark graphs. As usual, be testing with amd rx 939 50x GPU test rig with 32 gigabytes of DDR4 3200CL 14 memory and the latest drivers available at the time testing has been used all right, let's get into it.

 As usual, with these custom AIB radeon 6800 xt card reviews what I'm going to look at loads of gaming benchmarks. In fact, the shadow of the tomb raider will do it if you're off to loads of gaming benchmarks, and please do watch a day one review.

All my recent 41 game benchmark between the amd rx 6800 xt and rtx 3070 here the focus really is on thermals power and overclocking as this is an AIB amd rx 6800 xt review So as expected, out of the box, the amd rx 6800 xt red dragon is on policy and the reference radeon 6800 xt card and my manual overclocking early boost to a performance by a further 2 percent averaging 136 FPS.

rx 6800 xt

Basically, this amd rx 6800 xt is heavily Powell limited, which is why it performs so well in the thermal tests, and it's why we saw such low power consumption the amd rx 6800 xt, which really shouldn't I have a clock better given it is meant to be a base model does have a clock better, and this is likely due to the high power target which saw high power consumption.

Power Consumption

rx 6800 xt

And he's a look at how consumption quite incredibly the amd rx 6800 xt cred dragon consumes just 226 watts the same amount as the RTX 3070 founders edition radeon 6800 xt cards how maximum overclock boosted power usage by just 4 percent and at 236 watts that was still less than the stock fighter meanwhile the overclocked fighter consumes 258 watts and that allowed to maintain a high clock speed resulting in greater performance.

That's it. With both models of a clock to the radeon rx 6800 was just 3 percent faster, yet here we can see it consumed almost 10 percent more power, so the more efficient configuration of the radeon rx 6800 red dragon makes more sense to me.

GPU Temperature

rx 6800 xt

As we saw earlier, the radeon rx 6800 red dragon runs extremely cool out of the box with a very large fan speed making it almost silent the GPU edge temperature pick to just 61 degrees which is 8 degrees cooled in the fighter, which, as we just saw had to deal with an extra 15 watts of heat.

The GPU hot spot temperature was also excellent. In fact he the radeon rx 6800 red dragon was 13 degrees cooler in the fighter up, and that's a massive reduction in operating temperature for the same level of performance, through again it did consume a lot less power.

Now given how efficient this model is, there 70 amp power stages weren't working nearly as hot as the 50 amp power stages found on the base model radeon rx 6800 up, and as a result, we're looking at a massive 20-degree reduction in VRM operating temperature dropping the peak to just 60 degrees which is a four-degree cooler than the radeon rx 6800 reference model. The GDDR6 memory temperature was also excellent, peaking at just 55 degrees which is a degree cooler than the memory ran on the Asus tuf gaming radeon rx 6800.

When compared to power colors are in base model fighter, we're looking at a massive 13-degree reduction operating temperature, and I'm proof has been achieved by using a better cooler as well as less hate being dumped in the PCB by stuff like the VRM and GPU.

GPU Edge Temperature

Now with the graphics cards noise normalized 40 decibels, we see just how good the radeon rx 6800 red dragon really is. However, I don't have many AIB customs are rx 1600 graphics cards for comparison, yet in fact, I really only have PowerColor. Let's find out the results even on there are in a very impressive. Just 52 degrees for the GPU edge temperature, and that's a significant reduction when compared to the very best radeon rx 6800 xt model.

They do consume a lot more power, but still, this is a great result. Even more impressive is the hot spot temperature. This highly efficient graphics card peaked at just 64 degrees that's remarkably cool for a high-performance graphics card that's also a massive 14-degree temperature reduction when compared to the radeon rx 6800 xt and an insane 22 degrees cooler than the aim the reference model that is a dual-slot version that draws a lot more power.

VRM Temperature

I get the pick of the arm temperature was excellent, topping out at just 55 degrees which is an 8-degree reduction when compared to the fighter. That said, I should note that while a rather significant improvement, both models are exceptionally cool at a well below the thermal threshold for these components.

The pick a GDDR6 memory temperature also exceptionally low when noise normalized he was looking at just 51 degrees which is a 4-degree improvement we can patch of the radeon rx 6800 xt, so another great result for power colors radeon rx 6800 xt red dragon.

Pros And Cons


  • First of all, RX 6800 XT is double the total memory capacity as compared to RTX 3070.
  • The RX 6800 memory capacity is so faster, it uses more power, and cost, and more money, so I am expecting it to win in games.
  • We play assassins creed Valhalla. It's one of the most significant differences out all the games, with the RX 6800 coming out significantly ahead of the RTX 3070.
  • The RX 6800 was over 30 percent faster in higher average FPS at 1080p and 4K but 25 percent higher at 1440p, so great result for Radeon card.
  • Shadow of the tomb raider with the tested with the games benchmark again the RX 6800 regardless resolution and was reach a nice frame rate of 69 FPS at 4k putting it ahead of 13 percent ahead of RTX 3070 and 14 percent faster at 1440p.


  • we tested red dead redemption 2 was testing using the game benchmark and also I found this performance is little bit low than RTX 3070.
  • The performance of RX 6800 XT is 7 percent slower than the RTX 3080 in 4K comparison.
  • We don't found DLSS feature right now.
  • AMD Card cannot compete with Nvidia card, If you are game you facing AIB issues.
  • Fans can run load if you play long hours of gaming sessions.
  • 750W power supply requirement

Comparison RTX 3070 VS RX 6800

Radeon RX 6800 VS GeForce RTX 3070
Price (MSRP)$500$580
Release DateOct. 2020Nov. 2020
ProcessSamsung 8NTSMC N7
Transistors (billion)17.426.8
Die Size (mm2)392.5519
Core Config5888 / 184 / 963840 / 240 / 96
Core Clock Frequency1500 / 1730 MHz1815 / 2105 MHz
Memory Capacity8GB16GB
Memory Speed14 Gbps16 Gbps
Memory TypeGDDR6GDDR6
Bus Type / Bandwidth256-bit / 448 GB/s256-bit / 512 GB/s
TGP220 watt250 watt

Frequently Ask Question

Which is better RX 6800 or RTX 3070?

At 4K resolution the RX 6800 XT is 23 percent faster than as compared to RTX 3070, The RX 6800 XT average FPS is 54 which is huge in this price range if you are pro gamer you need high quality resolution then you can go with RX 6800. The RTX maximum average is 44 FPS which is lower than RX 6800, that's why RX 6800 is better than RTX 3070.

What is the 3070 equivalent to?

If I will suggest then RTX 3070 is equivalent to RTX 2080 ti.

Does RX 6800 have ray tracing?

Yes, The RX 6800 is first gpu from Radeon Team which comes with enabled ray tracing with the power to render Microsoft DirectX that supporting all games.

Is RTX 3070 future proof?

Definitely the RTX 3070 is future proof. Because most games can stay at 144Hz at 1440p.

How much will the RX 6800 XT cost?

The AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT is available November 18, starting at $649. This price is higher than RTX 3070. The price of RTX 3070 is  under $500.

Final Thought - RX 6800 XT

Like PowerColor 6800 fighter, the slightly more premium radeon rx 6800 xt red dragon model is very good again. Although I don't have that much in the way of comparative data, it also doesn't really matter out of the box it's near enough to silence, and I'd say almost all setups it won't be heard over the case fans when under full load and yet temperatures were kept well within check.

We're talking about a peak GPU hotspot of just 76 degrees while generating just 31 decibels of noise. That being the case, the power radeon rx 6800 xt red dragon is a product I can recommend and do recommend just snap up if you can do so at a reasonable 6800 xt price which is, of-course, the catch right now.

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