Best RTX 3060 vs 3060 ti – Is 3060 ti Worth Paying More?

rtx 3060 vs 3060 ti

rtx 3060 vs 3060 ti is it worth paying more money to get the nvidia RTX 3060 ti? Are you going to be just fine with the rtx 3060 model? I've compared both graphics cards in 10 games, a 1080p 1440p and 4k resolutions, to show you the differences the strangest difference to me was that the 3060 ti has 8 gigs of VRAM while the lower tier rtx 3060  actually has 12 gigs of VRAM.  Now the ti card memory is faster.

Part of me is wondering if nvidia decided to double it from 6 to 12 after AMD started offering 16 gig options; otherwise, the 3060 ti has around 35 percent more critical as compared to the rtx 3060; however, the base and boost clock speeds all lower on the rtx 3060 ti. Now the newer rtx 3060  actually launched with responsible bar support launched with resizable bar support, and I have this enabled in my previous rtx 3060 comparisons over here.

Pc Test

pc test

At the time of making this guide though 3060 ti does not currently have resizable bar support, nvidia said that it's coming into VBIOS update in March sometime, so rather than wait for that, I have retested the 3060 with resizable bar disabled just so that we got a fair comparison here.  This is the system that I'm using to test both graphics cards in so overclocked 10900k and 32 gigs of memory at the key specs, and birth cards we tested with the same nvidia drivers all right.

So with all that in mind will first start out by seeing how both of these graphics cards perform in 10 games 3 resolutions that will check out things like power draw consecrate workloads and pricing availability afterward.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The rtx 3062 ti was still able to deliver 60 FPS on this task even with the 4K high settings putting it almost 37 percent ahead of the rtx 3060 below it. The differences are generally going to be lower at lower resolutions which was the case here. The rtx 3060 ti was reaching 32 percent higher average of FPS at 1440p a little lower still at 29 percent to 1080p Cyberpunk 2077 was tested in little China with the street could life path.

Cyberpunk 2077 Test

These results with ray tracing off we'll look at ray tracing in DLSS into the next graph even the 1 percent lower from the rtx 3060 ti were ahead of the average frame rates on offer from the rtx 3060 ti card that all 3 resolutions. The difference in 1% lower was particularly large at 1080p, where the rtx 3060 ti was 81% ahead while average FPS was 30 percent higher comparatively here's how things look with the RT medium preset in use with DLSS set to quality. The 1% Lower from the 3060 improves now, though the average FPS low was in all instances as ray tracing is a heavy workload even with DLSS.

Control (RT/DLSS)

The difference between these 2 graphics cards was small compared to running with ray tracing off, so they don't appear to be big retracing gains with the rtx 3060 ti. I found this game to be heavy on the GPU, which explains why the performance difference between these 2 cards are some of the biggest out of all-time games tested. 

At 1080p, the rtx 3060 ti was 32 percent ahead of the rtx 3060 in average fps. The largest difference at this low resolution either was still offering a playable experience at 1440p even with Max settings, 4k wasn't great with either, But you could, of course, turned settings down I'm just using GPU with heavy settings as this is a GPU comparison after all.

The frame rate don't actually change that much with ray tracing, and DLSS enabled. That said, like we saw in cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing enabled, the performance difference between the 2 cards is lower at all 3 resolutions compared to not using ray tracing, again showing that there appears to be less of a performance difference when it comes to RT.

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft flight simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge. The difference is the 1 percent lower was small here compared to the last couple of games both cards were able to offer above 60 FPS at 1080p with the second-highest high-end setting preset, For only the rtx 3060 ti was capable of this at 1440p putting up 29 percent ahead of the rtx 3060.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's creed Valhalla was tested with the game's benchmark, and so 1 of the small differences out of all 10 games that were looking out here at 1080p rtx 3060 ti was 19 percent ahead of the rtx 3060 and 21 percent ahead at 1440p, Them 25 percent ahead at 4k.  So the gap increases as we raise the resolution and the GPUs get better utilized.

Watch Dog Legion

The watch Dogs legion was also tested with the game's benchmark and was a game with 4k ultra-settings that was using more than 8 gigs of VRAM. The rtx 3060 ti was 32 percent to had an average of FPS compared to the rtx 3060 ti at 1440p, But rather than this gap increasing at 4k, which is the case in most of the games tested, it lowers a little to the rtx 3060 ti being 30 percent ahead.

Honestly, it's not much of a difference, but it may be due to the rtx 3060 having the edge in VRAM Capacity, granted the rtx3060 ti memory is faster despite being smaller in size.


Fortnite was tested with the replay feature and saw some of the largest performance differences between these 2 cards. This was one where the 1% lower from the rtx 3060 ti even beat the averages from the rtx 3060 and even at Max settings with 4k. The rtx 3060 ti was still above 60 FPS, putting it 38% ahead of the rtx 3060 in average frame rate, the biggest difference at this resolution.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V was tested in campaign mark, and again the rtx 3060 vs 3060 ti was above 60 FPS even with the max setting at 4k, putting in 34 percent ahead of the rtx 3060 as an older game compared to most of the others covered so far higher frame rates per possible. Honestly either graphics card is going to run well even at Max settings with 1080p or 1440p.

Shadow of The Tomb Rider

Second the last game before the big comparison. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the game's benchmark, and again similar deal 80 FPS at Max settings from the 3060 at 1440p is still quite decent for infinity. I couldn't quite make the 60 FPS sweet spot at 4 K. but again, you could, of course, just lower settings if that's your target.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is a game that I've been testing the same way for about 5 years now, so it's a good 1 to throw in if you want to see how results compare to any of my older guiders, even the rtx 3060 vs 3060 ti was around 60 FPS with 4k max settings through the rtx 3060 was reaching 37 percent higher average FPS in this one with 1 percent lower was above

the rtx 3060 average fps all resolutions these are the differences in all 10 titles tested between rtx 3060 vs 3060 ti at 1080p the rtx 3060 ti was 27 percent faster on average in these games or some games like flight simulator down the bottom so much smaller differences best case we're looking at a little above the 30 percent burst with the rtx 3060 ti at this lower resolution.

Rtx 3060 vs 3060 ti

Stepping up to 1440p and the rtx 3060 ti was no more than 30 percent higher than the rtx 3060 in average frame rate, we're expecting the difference between the 2 graphics cards to widen out high resolutions as this is more demanding on the GPU. This continues on at 4k, where rtx 3060 ti was now almost 33 percent ahead of the rtx 3060 are on average at least 10 games.

Some games like cyberpunk with ray tracing and DLSS enabled saw a small difference at this resolution which I suspect could be due to the VRAM differences between the 2 cards. For the most part, though, even with higher settings at 4k, most games covered didn't sure warnings about going over 8 gigs.

That's just today or has no doubt that future games will probably require more VRAM, so the performance difference could shift over to the rtx 3060 in the future if memory capacity becomes more of a bottleneck.

Power Draw

Here is the difference in total system power draw from the wall and control at 4k. The same system with the rtx 3060 ti card installed required around 15 percent more wattage; however, in this specific game, the rtx 3060 ti was also offering 37 percent higher average FPS. So about sounds pretty decent. This, of course, results in the rtx 3060 ti are offering better efficiency in terms of performance per watt well, at least for this 1 game that I've measured power draw for. 

I haven't tested thermals here as both cards have different cooling designs, so the temperature would very due to this. It just wouldn't be a really fair comparison. Now let's check out the differences in content create workloads followed by pricing afterward.

Once I've tested DaVinci Resolve with the Puget systems benchmark, the software seems to be fairly GPU heavy, though the differences here were much smaller compared to the game earlier, rtx 3060 ti was scoring just 11 percent higher than rtx 3060 card.

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