Best Rx 480 vs GTX 1060 6GB – Both Are Mid-Range King 2021?

The time has come the time when I must finally benchmark the RX 480 vs gtx 1060 qi board partner head to head, picking up where the previous MSI RX 74 gig vs MSI GTX 1060 3GB graphics card left off. We now have the battle of the series mid-range contenders for those are you paying attention. You know the RX 480 gigabyte card features an MSRP of $240 well the GTX 1066 gigabyte packs with slightly more pricey $250 MSRP sadly to the dismay of would-be buyers, neither

of readily available at the suggested manufacturer prices both of the RX 418 GTX 1060 gaming ex models are priced at 290 US at present, and that all these are paying around $450. MSI does offer cheaper GTX 1060 models such as the 6GTO models c4 260, but for the sake of this comparison with trying to compare the cards, evenly matched as possible.

War Warhammer Rx 480 vs GTX 1060

SO with two very similarly priced game X cards on hand, let's get to the benchmarks and see what's what kick-starting benchmarks we're going to look at half a dozen lower-level API titles using DirectX 12, and Vulcan first thought we have total Warhammer supporting DX 12 in here the 480p enjoyed a for FPS advantage over the 1060p.

Hitman Rx 480 vs GTX 1060

Making videos offering 7 percent slow here hitman game is strongly favored AMD hardware near the DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 modes the lower level API support certainly isn't a winning factor here still the RX 480 was 5 FPS faster making the 1069 percent slower.

Ashes of the singularity

Ashes of the singularity is 1 of the best examples of DirectX 12 games that was built from the ground up to take advantage of this modern API. Interestingly, both the RX 480 vs gtx 1060 deliver the same 48 FPS average here when using the extreme quality preset.

Deus EX: MD

Deus EX mankind divided is how DirectX 12 support patched in, so take from that what you will. It certainly isn't a native DirectX 12 title regardless of the RX 480 massive winning. This title doesn't come from the DX 12 support. It is also crosses the GTX 1060 when using the DX 11 mankind divided is an AMD supported title and, as such, has been designed to suit the red team hardware nicely.

Tomb Raider Rx 480 vs GTX 1060

Rise of the tomb raiders another game defeat to patched in DirectX 12 support; however, this is an Nvidia supported title, and surprise, the green team, comes out well on top here the GTX 1060 average 64 FPS to the 480p fps making the 1060 some 10% faster of the low-level API games tested do you was the only one that genuinely favors AMD due to the use of the low-level API where is the GTX 1060 performs much the same using OpenGL and Vulcan the RX 480 comes nowhere with OpenGL dominate using Vulcan that said it's worth keeping in mind that although the GTX 1060 was 9 percent slower did average over 100 FPS at 1440p  with the game virtually maxed out, so that was a very playable performance too.

Mirrors Edge Catalysts

Okay so now it's time to check out the DirectX 11 titles between 2016 still dominate the market. The recently released mirror's edge catalyst is a perfect example of this here the gtx 1060 was slightly faster providing 4 FPS more average which was 9 percent from its advantage.

The witcher 3 wild hunt since the radeon rx 480 vs gtx 1060 deliver the same 54 FPS result at 1440p interestingly neither a much faster than the cheaper 3 gigabyte 1060 here just 4 FPS on average separates them AMD struggles with the minimum framerate installers battlefront and again we see that here with the 480p the gtx 1060 was 7% faster on average was 17 percent faster when comparing the minimum frame rate.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy's the division is not the DirectX 11 title with the RX 480 vs gtx 1060 come out neck and neck this time with 48 FPS each. Interestingly the RX 480 came out on top when testing with Batman Arkham knight. The gtx 1060 was 5 percent for.

Middle Earth

Middle earth Shadow of Mordor provided competitive results here the gtx 1060 was just 3 FPS faster, handing it a 5 set performance advantage something we found interesting enough 470 vs 1063 gigabyte comparison was the fact that although the RX 470 was crashed by the gtx 1016 in overwatch when comparing the average frame rate, the minimums were exactly the same well once again we find a similar story when comparing the gtx 1066 X 6g  the 1060 was 12 percent faster when comparing the average frame rate but just 2 percent faster when comparing the minimum making videos with his far less substantial.

The performance was again very even a far cry primal the gtx 1060 was just 4 percent faster, making for a very even fight. The gtx 1060 was 7 percent faster in the assassin's creed syndicate though this did translate to just 4 FPS more on average.

So another close battle them Grand Theft Auto 5 weighed heavily in the 3 gigabyte 1060 favor over the 470, and we find it again favors in the video when comparing this 6-gigabyte RX 480 vs gtx 1060 here the 1060 was 11 percent faster delivery 83 FPS compared to 75 FPS for the 480 due to popular demand I made sure to include ARMA 3. However, it has to be said the game provides less than competitive results here, and the 1060 was 50 percent faster than the RX 480. This certainly isn't the norm, and you won't see any other results quite like this. I'm not sure why the AMD GPU sucks so bad in this title.

Crysis 3 Rx 480 vs GTX 1060

That's actually a real shame the RX 480 doesn't fare particularly well. Crysis 3 delivers just a few extra frames over the 470. This meant it wasn't just lower than the 1060 but also the 3-gigabyte model as well. Another game with a 3 gigabyte 1060 that outpaced the 480 was dirt rally. Here the 6-gigabyte gtx 1060 enjoyed a 14 percent performance advantage was 75 FPS, a positive is 66 FPS, yet another title with a 3 gigabyte 1060 trumps the four ideas was fallout four here.

The 6-gigabyte gtx 1060 was 12 % faster, averaging 66 FPS, while the 480 averaged 59 FPS. Like star battlefront, we find that all the 480 is much slower in just cause 3. When comparing the average frame rate, it's a good bit slow in looking at the minimums. Finally, we have Mad Max, and like dirt rally, we find strong frame rates from both the radeon rx 480 vs gtx 1060. The Nvidia does have a clear performance advantage in this title.  In fact, was the 1060 was 14 percent fostering dirt rally. It's 20 percent faster here. Power consumption for the RX 480 vs gtx 1060 gaming X cards is in line with what we saw from the gtx 1060 3g and RX 470 gaming X model.

The slightly higher radeon rx 480 vs gtx 1060 can seem slightly more powerful, and of course, this meant the 1060 was quite a bit more efficient. The margins were much the same when testing with far cry primal, Deus ex mankind divided, and dirt rally.

So before wrapping things up, let's take a quick look at a few performance breakdowns starting with the DirectX 11 titles. We have results from 16 games here the 6-gigabyte GTX 1060 with an average 10% faster than the RX 480, not a huge margin, although it did swing Nvidia favored because it did at times tried blows during the game with the RX 480 came out on top was Batman Arkham knight.

Low Level API Breakdown

We tested hitman a dues ex mankind divided using DirectX 11 AMD would have one here as well still there are a few quality titles that are the witcher three wild hunt, and Tom Clancy's the division with both GPU provided the same performance moving to the lower level API games you find very different results here the 1060 was an average 5 percent slower though you have to really look at these results to get a clear picture of what's going on here as I said earlier ashes of the singularity are the best quality DirectX 12 games of the bunch and here the RX 480 vs gtx 1060 actually delivered exactly the same performance.

Then we have doom with the gtx 1060 was excellent and slower though that also results in little misleading for few reasons firstly the gtx 1060 performs just as well as involving as it does OpenGL so you could easily argue that the maximum efficiency is being achieved without the need for low-level API also worth noting here is the dismal OpenGL performance of the Radeon graphics card making the Vulcan performance look even more impressive still there's no denying the doom with its Vulcan support is an excellent game for showcasing AMD's hardware and the results are truly impressive it's also worth noting that although the gtx 1060 was 9% slower in this title is to provide a highly playable performance the difference certainly won't be noticeable when gaming.

The gtx 1060 loses in total war Warhammer. Although this is an AMD supporter of a title, I feel this is a fair win. The big hits for Nvidia seen in hitman and Deus Ex mankind divided though, as I pointed out earlier, claiming these victories down to the DirectX 12 support isn't correct. radeon rx 480 vs gtx 1060 both these titles even when using DirectX 11 the low-level API support has nothing to do with the wind scene here likewise rise of the tomb raiders again the favor Nvidia hardware regardless of the API use another DirectX 12 titled the didn't have time to add to this Nvidia but have started testing for the Ryzen 3.

 So far from what I've seen, the radeon rx 480 vs gtx 1060 very evenly matched in this title, with neither having a noticeable performance advantage, so as I've said time and time again, the jury is still out for me which GPU provides the best performance going forward I still suspect that we'll see a fair share of DirectX 12 titles of favorite Nvidia hardware with a good number that also favor AMD Hardware.

 Hopefully, they'll also be plenty left for their ashes of the singularity the run great on either manufactures hardware the low-level API sample games features in this review I feel quite don't paint an accurate picture of what's to come the results from games such as hitman Deus EX mankind divided rise of the tomb rider really need to be taken with a grain of salt given the developer bias if you're after the fastest GPU for playing games right now the gtx 1060 does come out on top as 6 percent faster on average when tallying up all 22 games tested.

The gtx 1060 also significantly more efficient allowing it to run cooler and quieter still, the RX 480 does have plenty of strength, and without question, the future looks brighter right now. This makes choosing between the two extremely difficult. Frankly, I would pick based on the games I intend to play and, of course, whichever comes at the best price.

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