RX 6900 XT vs RTX 3090 Game Performance and Benchmarks Score

RX 6900 XT vs RTX 3090

6900 xt vs 3090 we are comparing these two models in this review as you would have it there is a graphics cards on the high end being launched everywhere in the last half of 2020 now with the you can buy 1 of these cards is still up for debate where the rtx 3080 is still in hot demand from my sources if you want to go buy 1 of these off the shelf you could be expecting sometime until February until they are readily available where the pre-orders are through the roof and the rtx 3090 xt.

Pricing and Specification Overview

Now we've got the rtx 3090 xt coming in with an MSRP of $$$ USD, so it is $350 more than the rtx 3090, and it has the same VRAM configuration 16 gigabytes versus 16 gigabytes at the back of the card you got HDMI 2.1 to display out USB Type-C, and you've still got the same cool with the same weight and the same fan sizes however what are the benchmarks state do they state this card is going to give you $350 worth more performance let's roll those numbers for you guys and then get back to the table here.

Shadow of The Tomb Rider

Shadow of The Tomb Rider

The 6900 xt vs 3090 would have it. These two are premium GPUs on giving you that value for money at all now. In the case of the rtx 6900 xt vs 3090, and I said in that review that it was just for someone who has too much money. They wanted the best performance on the Nvidia camp this right here with the 6900 xt. I feel it is pretty much the same argument, except it's even worse in the state that you don't get anything more over the rx 6900 xt except more strain processors.

That's one thing for me personally that allow okay where is the value differentiation here between the 6800 xt and 6900 xt because of more strain processes, especially when we look at the 4K numbers we were still being limited so much by the gddr6, and that was showing with the 6900 xt was actually catching up to the rtx 6900 xt at that 4K resolution.

So I really think the value proposition here on this card just isn't there where I stated before these AMD cards were released, I was iron off the rx 6860 xt, and now, after today's review, I'm still lying off the rx 6900 xt as being the king of their three cards it simply offers that value in that high-end segment and it's the same thing for the rtx 3090 xt on nvidia side of the camp we are getting an excellent card capable of 4K true 120-hertz gaming.

However, that said, I do see the appeal of cards like the rtx 6900 xt, of course, the rtx 3090 there are people out there who earn good money to some people have the cash to burn, and then I looked around I want the best, and I like AMD I want the best for AMD what they've got to offer, and that's what this card is giving out the best numbers on the on the side of the camp, and it beats the rtx 3090 in a lot of titles at 1080p and 1440p.

However, the 4k does see the rtx 3090 xt win over the role with that's got of course the gddr6 x, so they are trading blows and is good to see, and as I said the rtx and rtx 6800 reviews, it is good to see AMD competing on the high end again with the nvidia.

Power Consumption

The good thing about this card will go over the power consumption numbers here where if you want to under volt this card, you're going to get some big power efficiency game when we went down nearly 100 watts and in turn, this is going to decrease the temperatures and the noise levels all of your card now in terms of overclocking we were limited by the V-Bios here and in Radeon software I was limited at the out of the box milli-voltage setting.

I couldn't go any higher, and so my overclocks were pretty limited well, pull up a graph of the overclocking numbers here just to show that it really, in my opinion, isn't really worth overclocking, especially since it did crash out even though I'm showing this number up here when I was running Tom Clancy's the division 2 the whole system just shut off and so that's 1 thing about this card right here is that you do want to keep it under control and the best thing for the rtx 3080 the rtx 3090, in my opinion, is a healthy undervolt especially if you're like me and you're living in hotter ambient climates than a lot of other people.

Where I'm at the moment, it's 27 degrees in here, perfectly comfortable with it, but some people might not like that. But and the card might not like it either, but it's a good thing if you undervolt then you can account for that and, of course, help out the environment in the process.

Noise and Fan Curves

Noise and Fan Curves

Let's pull up the fan noise is the fan speeds and the temperatures where I've dealt her adjusted these for you guys, and we see the temperatures in the noise levels are coming in pretty similar to that of the rtx 60800 xt, and if the gaming for long periods and you don't like too much noise like me, I suggest leaving out about settings or manually overclocking it to 60 percent though the smart access memory we finally got around to testing.

This probably what we did tested in the 6900 xt vs 3090 reviews, but I want to go a little bit more in-depth where I did it on the shadow of the tomb raider and a lock this setting in. All you have to do is get the bios that support smart access memory and then change to settings, essentially the PCIe rebar size feature, and you enable that with above 4G decode and you're now got smart access memory enabled by default.

Smart Access Memory Testing

 Now when we jumped into shadow the tomb raider, we did see a slight increase of 1440p 4K. We virtually so no increase at all, however, moving over to the world of Warcraft, which is again that AMD the states that there is some big gains to be had here. In the FPS, though, stating on their website 11 percent when I tested this, we will pretty much calling 4k even Max settings on this game. We were struggling to really notice the difference here where the game is already pretty much capped at 200 FPS. Of course, raids and mass players all around the map might change this, but one thing I did notice when playing with my access memory on was that we did see more stuttering. It was noticeable.

 So even though the results he that I'm showing you guys with the smart access memory turned on shows an increase in the formats, I feel like if you're going to use this in multiplay games, especially if you're playing for money and you're in clutch plays then this could be a feature that you may wish to disable just for this point in time especially when we come back to it in a few months and see if it's been perfected because I was noticing some starring at this point in time and so when I noticed stuttering at this point time and so when I notice stuttering I generally don't recommend putting on those settings.

 So it's not access memory feel free to turn it on but do tread lightly as we did have another issue with that, and that was when we turned it the computer on off after turning it off, and I just double checking some numbers will be met with the CPU zero-zero error code and so the only way we got our system working again was too hard bios flash with bios flashback the ex 570 motherboard phantom gaming x that we are using here so your mileage may smart access memory again will come back to it in a few months when it's published by moving on with some really good news and that is if you're over a late-game all there is now 10-bit support in the latest drive all, and that's a full RGB spectrum too.

Gaming Test Rx 6900 xt vs RTX 3090

4K gaming option you've got the choice that rtx 6800 xt and also the rtx 3080 they're both phenomenal cards for 4k gaming rtx 3060 ti. I'd love to see AMD provided Answer to that $400 price point rx 5800 if you can afford the extra over the 3060 ti, that is going to give you the extra bit again it's $70 cheaper than the rtx 3090, so if you've got that money,

I'd suggest going with the jump to the 6900 xt vs 3090 and getting that extra performance where I feel like it's well justified in this price category so there is the rtx 6960 xt if you were to release this a year ago it would have been the best thing out there on the market but time is everything in this world and what we're saying here is these three guys right here up the front they're winning the race against these two guys and also the rtx 3090 xt which I didn't put on the table because $$$$ USD you got $$$$ USD if you want the baller option from AMD, but it's not a value play that before closing out I will say one thing about the rtx 6900 xt and that is those one more fan numbers this was really kicking at hot at 1080p and 1440p.

So if you're competitive game all, but you want to Max the settings in these games, maybe it might give you an advantage all doesn't give you an advantage I don't know I'm not a part of modern warfare this was giving that operational on a performance at those two resolutions 4K RTX 3090 xt was beating at that 1440p and 1080p was giving some very hot numbers in that title. So if you guys are in the modern warfare playing competitively, this is going to give that. Real a big boost in that title, and I hope you guys enjoyed today's review


With all those numbers out of the way, rtx 6900 xt should you buy it, and my opinion is if you like value for money and there's a reason why there are all these cards on the table here. On the nvidia side, we got the rtx 3060 ti and the rtx 3080. There my two picks. I thought they were the best that nvidia got offering 2020, and then we've got the rtx 6900 xt from AMD that's their shining star. These are my three picks for graphics cards in 2020 that's so far been released. I think these cards offer good value for money. They're going to give you a great gaming experience, and you can do so much with them if your game.

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