Top 5 Cheapest Gaming Mouse in 2021 | Best Gaming Mouse Under $10 in 2021

Cheapest Gaming Mouse

Over the years the price of gaming mouse has dropped by a significant proportion while keeping the features intact and in some cases even improving them these mouse offer decent responsiveness and also have a sleek design and RGB effects to go along with your dynamic set up in today's guide we are going to showcase 5 of the best gaming mouse under $10 that will make your jaw drop.

5. NPET M70 Cheapest Gaming Mouse

Starting at number 5, we have the NPET M70, a highly customizable gaming mouse with more excellent tracks speed and accuracy. This mouse has a wide range of the DPI, starting from 800 to up to 7200 that you can choose between 2 tuned into your ideal settings with a polling rate of up to 1000 hard you will be able to respond to in-game situations a lot more swiftly.

It also has a total of 7 programmable buttons that let you perform it gives action with greater ease. The durable Teflon fleet underneath ensures less friction with the surface and further enhances the cursor movement. The subtle RGB LED-backlit changes with the DPI setting and can also be programmed using the included software overall, and the NPTE M70 is a decent gaming mouse with smooth responsiveness, sleek visuals, and fair customization at a reasonable price.

Specification of NPET M70

DPI: 800 – 7200
Buttons: 7
RGB: 6 Static
Weight: 170 Grams
Grip Style: Ambidextrous

4. Redimp GM300

Next up at number 4, we have the Redimp GM300, a highly compatible mouse with a comfortable grip design and plenty of additional buttons similar to the M70. This one also has a total of 4 DP I settings ranging between 800 to up to 2400. It is quite all right at this price point, moving onto its button counts. It has a total of 6 that are placed smartly to match with your grip style for comfortable pressing.

This Ergonomic mouse is all about comfort as it maintains a soft surface that effectively intakes sweat so that the mouse doesn't slip from your hand. The anti-skid shell, on the other hand, moves freely on the surface, eliminating any and all fiction for you to aim with more excellent response sleek comfy, and highly practical. The Redimp GM300 is an excellent gaming mouse that you should check out.

Specification of Redimp GM300

DPI: 800 – 2400
Buttons: 6
RGB: Gradient Backlit
Weight: 120 Grams
Grip Style: Right-Handed

3. Blade Hawks RGB

At number 3, we have the blade hawks RGB, a super lightweight gaming mouse with sleek RGB illumination and versatile grip stop this honeycomb shell designed mouse weighs not more than 60 grams which effectively reduces fatigue and keep your pump comforted as for the DPI settings you get a total of 4 ranging between 1000 to up to 6400 which is seamless to change to better suit your costs.

It also includes 6 programmable buttons for seamless performance in-game actions as you please, whether you have a covered finger point cloud grip. This method is ideal for all of them, making it a versatile mouse for gamers of varying hand orientation.

The honeycomb shell lacks a brightly with RGB illumination with a total of 7 modes comprising breeding rolling cycle and for monochrome effect for visual elasticity. If you are looking for a lightweight mouse with a sleek design, then going for the blade hawks RGB can be an intelligent choice.

Specification of Blade Hawks RGB

DPI: 1000 – 6400
Buttons: 6
RGB: 7
Weight: 60 Grams
Grip Style: Ambidextrous


Coming up but number 2, we have the M30 from Abkoncore, a highly responsive gaming mouse with a premium sensor and a wide array of DPI settings powered by AVAGO ADNS 3050 optical center. This mouse shows promising responsiveness with at 70 DPI settings from 500 to up to 3500 and 100 hearts polling rate.

It incorporate a total of 6 keys, including a DPI adjustment button on the center to offer you more performers will action and changing the DPI quite easily whatever you want. The design language of this ergonomic mouse preserves a premium look and feel and as a touch of chroma RGB effect that can be customized with the included software.

This mouse is sweat and fingerprint resistant, which makes it an ideal accessory for gamers who have sweaty pumps ABKONCORE and M30 is a classy mouse with the perfect blend of design and performance, which makes it easier to suggest to gamers to all extent.

Specification of Abkoncore M30

DPI: 500 – 3500
Buttons: 6
Weight: 272 Grams
Grip Style: Ambidextrous

1. VersionTECH Gaming Mouse

Finally had number one, we have the VersionTECH gaming mouse universally compatible gaming mouse with profit overall design performance and comfort this mouse has 4 DPI options to offer starting from 1200 to up to 3600 then you can select between to find the ideal setting for precise in-game tracking 6 programmable buttons are scattered throughout different locations of the mouse that are easier to reach and press without needing much effort.

Design-wise, the highly practical shape of this mouse is completely skin-friendly as the palm area is made of rubber to keep your grip steady when you use it for long hours. Lastly, this mouse features a unique tracking design that glosses with 7 colors breathing RGB effect that can be turned off with a simple press of a button if you preferred it that way.

To sum things up, the VersionTECH gaming mouse might just overall be the best gaming mouse at a reasonable price range that you can get your hands on. So that was all about the top 5 best cheapest gaming mouse under $10

Specification of VersionTECH

DPI: 1200 – 3600
Buttons: 6
RGB: 7 Color Breathing
Weight: 82 Grams
Grip Style: Ambidextrous

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