Best Top 10 Smart Backpack for Everyday Travel 2021

Ever thought of having a backpack that is marked as our everyday life is getting more innovative day by day? Why not our backpacks these smart backpacks for the light to carry all your essentials in an organized way while offering many unique features to make your everyday carry experience convenient and comfortable. So in today's guide, we will show you the top 10 best smart backpacks that you should get to organize your stuff properly. So without wasting any more time, let's get started.

Smart Backpack

10 - Ghostek NRGbag 2 Smart Backpack

Whether you need a back for work or school, the ghostek NRgbag 2 can handle the load as this gear bag has many components for a story in various techs. It is the middle compartment of the bag where all the magic happens, as that's where the built-in 16000 mill ampere-hour battery sets to charge several devices. There are two access ports on the front that allow you to connect your USB cable to charge the device. At the back, you will get a bottom storage compartment ideal for your wallet cards and smartphone. In contrast, at the top part, you get a protective sleeve for your laptop or tablet. Even if you Max out at 40-liter capacity, the cushion protects your back, allowing you to carry the energy back too comfortably. Even if rain were to be in the forecast, you wouldn't have to worry as this backpack is water-resistant.

Specifications Smart Backpack

Material: Polyester
Shoulder Straps: Adjustable & Padded
Capacity: 40L
Battery: 16,000mAH
Water Resistant: Yes

9 - Smart-Pack

Versatile smart, and thoughtfully designed for life on the go, the smart pack backpack offers intelligent features to move you from every day to the road. This backpack opens and packs like mini luggage and lets you keep shirts, pants, socks, and more folded neatly for up to one week trip. You'll get fast QI wireless charging right on your shoulder straps and quick access to keep your presto cards, AirPods, and credit card all within reach.

It features a padded chalk-proof laptop and tablet leaf slot for your notes, pen cables, and more. That's a high-quality zipper with seal tech capability that allows you to keep vulnerable to bone dry and safe from water damage. With a padded backside that is thoughtfully designed for super-comfortable fate, this backpack promotes a better overall posture without compromising its quality.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Design: Weather Proof, Ergonomic
Qi Charger: Right Shoulder
Anti-Theft: Yes
Quick Access Pockets: Yes

8 - Lyopar Backpack

Now meet the Lyopar, a robust essential backpack that offers sleek and minimal design to suit your everyday needs. This 27-liter backpack offers enough space to pack everything you need for a 10-day trip. It features premium soft waterproof fabric with a waterproof cover that's stress-free adjustable buckle YKK zippers detachable, and an adjustable strap makes this backpack a perfect one. Its patent-pending stress-free and adjustable buckle allow you to amount items to the backpack even while

moving. Besides, it has a laptop compartment that houses a 15.6 inch MacBook pro or a 12.9 inch iPad pretty easily. The backs underside cover flab doubled as an accessory compartment, defect cables and Chargers, a wallet, and much more. Live power can also be used as a gym bag, meaning you can load all the gym gears inside the back without any issues.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Capacity: 27L
Water Resistance: Yes
Zippers: YKK
Laptop Compartment: Up to 15.6 inch
Unique Feature: Transform Into Gym Bag
Weight: 2.75lbs

7 - Plevo Urban Series Smart Backpack

For long trips and day-to-day city life, the plevo smart backpack is perfect for travelers seeking a comfortable, functional, and elegant backpack. This revolutionary waterproof bag uses high-tech features. It is made of premium materials that will last for a long time travel worry-free and keep all your belongings safe with its smart block technology, which allows you to lock and unlock your backpack with face ID touch ID or Morse code.

 It has a removable battery pack complied with all their airline regulations that will let you recharge all your devices when connected to is included USB ports besides with ease of use security and innovative features it also comes in different sizes to fit every modern traveler’s needs.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Material:  High-Quality
Construction: Shock Absorbent
Capacity: 19.5 L
Charging Ports: USB-A
Smart Lock: Yes
Weight:  2.9 lbs

6 - SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Smart Backpack

Pack up your stuff and head to your destination by using the sunybag explorer plus a backpack with a dedicated solar panel to charge your phones on the made of high-quality 600D polyester material. This backpack is lightweight and water repellent making it perfect for hiking, camping, and outdoor use. Its solar panel at the back offers power through its USB charging port to revive your mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, and many more.

This 50-liter backpack has got numerous pockets and compartments that make it easy to organize your belongings. Besides, you will get a padded 15-inch laptop compartment in which you can store your laptop or MacBook securely in place.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Material:  600D polyester
Capacity: 15L
Weight:  2.2 lbs
Water Repellent: Yes
Solar Panel: Yes

5 - YOREPEK Backpack

Take the world with you wherever you go by using the your pack a backpack that offers a large capacity and ergonomic design to give comfort on your journeys. This backpack has a massive 50 liters of volume capacity as 20 independent pockets for apple storage and organization for small items. You can even start a huge 17-inch laptop inside the backpack allow you to carry your extensive devices easily.

Besides, its 3 spacious main multi-compartment with many hidden pockets enable you to accommodate stuff like travel accessories, clothes core organizers, and much more. You could unfold the backpack freely up to 180 degrees, meaning you can quickly go to the airport security and keep your items tidy as well. It also offers an external USB port with a set-in charging cable to conveniently charge your mobile and other electronic devices everywhere.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Capacity: 15L
Laptop Compatibility: Up to 17 inch
Pockets: 20 Independent
Unfold: Up to 180 Degrees
TSA Approved: Yes

4 - Samsonite Konnect-i Smart Backpack

Now get acquainted with Samsonite Konnect-i standard backpack and everyday bag that connects with your smartphone to perform actions and receive alerts. At the same time, on the go, its outside layer made of 100 percent polyester with Teflon backing and has the support of a padded back panel and compartment that fits most laptops up to 15.6 inches thanks to Google's jacquard tech smart fibers are woven into its fabric module on the left shoulder strap making it sensitive to your touch want to charge up the jacket modules you can use a dedicated app to configure actions and assign them to for gestures such as brush up and brush down double-tap and cover.

These gestures can include tasks related to audio just to play pause next track and communication such as receiving or declining phone calls. Other than that,, its innovative feature also makes navigation easy to function, such as estimating arrival times or placing a Google map pin or your current location by triggering Google Assistant.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Material: Polyester + Teflon
Water Resistant: yes
Smart Tech: Google Jacquard
Weight: 248lbs

3 - Oscaurt Laptop Backpack

Oscaurt aims to bring a more easy-going lifestyle now made. The Oscaurt laptop backpack a stylish-looking bag that has been made with superior quality in mind and offers spacious space inside with hidden zippers of the main pocket and a secret pocket at the back. This backpack is made of strong anti-stretch fabric, and it allows you to keep your belongings securely.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Laptop Compatibility: Up to 15 inch
Fabric: Anti-Scratch
Back Material: EVA
Pocket: Side Bottle
USB Port: Yes

2 - Soleman Smart Backpack

Equipped with advanced technology, stunning design, and practical features, the soleman backpack is for those who enjoy the functionality of a large convenient backpack with this smart bag if you get a 70000 mill ampere-hour power bag that gets its charging from the solar panels so that you'll never run out of juice compared to regular backpacks it has special back support technology that does not get shabby over time and keep your back healthy

All its materials are made with the highest possible quality and exceptional design and even when filled to the fullest soleman weighs only 1.2 kilograms an equipped with certified YKK zippers it's compartments have been possible to open from behind. At the same time, its RFID protected pocket keeps your vital information secure overall the soul mate is a combination of high tech and need finishing they can become your best friend for your daily travels.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Power Source: Solar Panels
RFID Protected: Yes
Zippers:  YKK
Power bank: 17000 mAh
Weight:  2.6lbs

1 - The ERA Backpack

Now at number 1 made the ERA backpack which is an elegant solution for traveling like a minimalist while packing like a pro. The 38 liters backpack has a large main compartment that opens widely 180 degrees meaning you could easily stash your clothes, socks, or other items.

 This backpack is unique for its modular design as you can convert it to carry mode travel mode or side back mode to suit your needs conveniently. Besides, it also has a quick medical release attachment, buckled weatherproof zippers, a built-in USB charging port, and much more make it an overall excellent smart backpack like no other. So that was our list of the top 10 best smart backpacks is just for you.

Specifications of Smart Backpack

Material: SheildTek
Capacity: 38L
Pockets: sunglasses
Weight: 3.3lbs

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